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Spirit of the Green & Gold

Spirit of the Green & Gold

Spirit of the Green & Gold

Bryleigh, Reiner, and Braighleigh prepping for the show

S-E Competes at SALE

Emma Stevenson, Writer April 6, 2023

Throughout the month of February, multiple students in Springlake-Earth's FFA program traveled to San Antonio to compete in various events that they worked the whole year to prepare for.  Many had stellar...


Wolverine Spotlight: Abrie Escalante

Emma Stevenson, Writer April 6, 2023

Springlake-Earth has been the home of the Wolverines since 1908, a total of 115 years. As long as the foundation has stood, success has been born within the walls of the high school and extended beyond...

The Final Score

The Wolverines Fall Short to the Swifts

Emma Stevenson, Writer February 10, 2023

Traveling to Nazareth for another district game, the Wolverines faced the Swifts for the second time this season on Jan. 27th. After back-and-forth action between both teams, Nazareth gained the lead and...

The Team

Hopping Into a District Win

Emma Stevenson, Writer January 27, 2023

The Wolverines took on the Kress Kangaroos Wednesday night, earning another district win with a score of 73-41.   “I felt pretty confident going into the game,” senior Alex Alvarez said. “I knew...


Behind the Scenes

Emma Stevenson, Writer January 27, 2023

The best groups that any person can be a part of are groups where everyone understands the objective and goals. When the ultimate focal point of the group is not one person or one person’s goal but the...

Emma Samaron driving through a crowd of Happy defenders towards the basket.

A Not So Happy Game

Emma Stevenson and Lynnsey Mahler January 20, 2023

A flip-of-the-coin district basketball game took place last Friday between the Lady Wolverines and the Cowgirls in Happy, Texas. Despite the saddening loss, the Lady Wolverines were confident going into...

Beef its in the Freezer

Beef Packers: Unjust Monopoly or Efficient Producer?

Emma Stevenson, Writer January 13, 2023

Currently, within the United States, there are four major packers that kill 80% of beef cattle. These packers are Tyson, Cargill, JBS, and National Beef.   The current packer situation is unfair, deceptive,...

Sky view of a city

All But Nothing Is Lost

Emma Stevenson, Writer December 9, 2022

“In this era of affluence and of permissiveness, we have, in all but cultural areas, bred a nation of over privileged youngsters, saturated with vitamins, television and plastic toys.”  -Judith...

Senior Annabelle Anchondo

Wolverine Spotlight: Annabelle Anchondo

Emma Stevenson, Writer December 2, 2022

Wolverines are strong, independent, driven, and extremely intelligent. Senior Annabelle Anchondo exhibits all of these characteristics. “She has school spirit, she has a great attitude, she takes...


Showcasing Attitude: Timothy Tovar

Emma Stevenson, Writer November 10, 2022

Springlake-Earth High School has started a new tradition. LEAPS (Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride, and Service). This six-weeks sophomore Timothy Tovar was nominated for Attitude.    “Timothy...


Wolverine Spotlight: Rosie Hernandez

Emma Stevenson, Writer November 4, 2022

A strong community rooted in a sense of service and empathy. A strong mascot with a fierce gaze and ferocious stance ready to overcome any challenge in its way and incapable of backing down. A strong student...

Taytum Goodman finishing the race

Showcasing Pride: Taytum Goodman

Emma Stevenson, Writer October 27, 2022

Springlake-Earth Highschool has made many changes this year. Arguably, the most important of these changes being the focus on LEAPS which stand for: Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride, and Service.  Every...

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