Senior Spotlight: Jerry Gallegos


Texas 1A Fan

Senior Jerry Gallegos starring in one of the many football games he played earlier this school year.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

Every year, the Springlake-Earth community has to say goodbye to a group of seniors that they have helped raise and watched grow into the young men and women who walk across the stage in May. After 14 years spent in classrooms, on the field, in the gym, and at extracurricular events, the class of 2023 is nearing the end of their high school career and approaching graduation soon, a bittersweet moment for the Wolverine Nation. One senior, who has represented Springlake-Earth on and off the football field, will be missed by many who have felt his impact and his fun, outgoing personality.

Jerry Gallegos is the son of Danielle and Ralph Lopez brother to Alex Daniel Ralphy . Growing up, he always wanted to be a fireman, getting to ride on the big, red engines. As Jerry grew older, the life he envisioned for himself shifted, and it was not long into his senior year that he discovered what he would be doing in the days following high school. He plans to attend South Plains College and pursue a career as a lineman. Looking towards the future with his plans, Jerry is excited to venture outside of the doors of Springlake-Earth and nervous to begin a new chapter in his life.

“I am very excited and ready to leave and a little nervous,” Gallegos said.

In his time at Springlake-Earth, Jerry has participated in numerous extracurricular events, including sports. Football played a huge role in his life and has been an activity he’s gotten to share with many of his closest friends. Having to leave those people and memories behind will make leaving SEHS hard.

“Not being able to see my friends every day will be hard,” Gallegos said.

Being here his entire life, Jerry has had the opportunity to not only create long-lasting friendships, but brothers.

“When we were younger, we fought each other, and after that, we became best friends,” senior Micah Sanchez said. “Me and Jerry, we are brothers.”

Jerry’s friends know that they will forever hold onto the concepts that Jerry has taught them over the years.

“He’s a really good friend to me and many others,” junior Gavin Villanueva said. “He’s taught me how to believe in myself, and he’s taught me how to be confident in myself.”

Not only that, but Jerry encouraged others to be self-confident in other ways, too.

“Jerry taught me how to pull girls,” senior Roel Fuentes said. “He has the most unspoken, unbroken rizz there is, and he gave me permission to use his unspoken ways.”

For Jerry, the principles he helped demonstrate over the years was something he felt like he had to do in order to be the best friend he could be.

“Just had to pass it on to the bros,” Gallegos said. “They are my brothers, no matter what, and it is important because I want to always have the memories.”

As he continues on in life, the brothers he has made here at SE wish nothing but the best for him and hopes life treats him well.

“I hope he becomes very successful in the life he chooses, ” Fuentes said.

Considering graduation is approaching, Jerry wants people to always remember that the effort put into one’s success and life may not always be easily recognized, but it is the effort and progression that counts.

“Slow motion is better than no motion,” Gallegos said.