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Spirit of the Green & Gold

Spirit of the Green & Gold

Spirit of the Green & Gold

A Judge hammer.

Passing Time

Grace McIver, Writer April 28, 2023

Bill SB 2368, a few number and letters, right? Wrong; it is the legislative bill that will change the future of school systems everywhere and determine the number of school days a school must be in session...

Woman walking through environmental vegetation in yellow sandals.

Sandals or Flipflops

Lizzy Garcia, Writer March 29, 2023

When anyone is relaxing, they would want comfortable shoes that are good for relaxation. The two major options are flip-flops and sandals; these two kinds of shoes are great options to choose from.  One...

Grade induced stress visualized

A’s: The Start of the Alphabet, Not Your Life

Lexi Anchondo, Writer March 9, 2023

The earliest record of a letter-grade system comes from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 1897. The letter grading system has since been used in modern-day education for teachers to perceive students’...

A elephant walking around in a dimly lit forest.

Plain Jane or Extravagantly Exotic?

Grace McIver, Writer March 9, 2023

If a person wants a tiger, lemur, or even an elephant, should they be able to get one and keep it as a pet, or should the animals be allowed to live their life inside a zoo or in the wild? Anyone with...

Beef its in the Freezer

Beef Packers: Unjust Monopoly or Efficient Producer?

Emma Stevenson, Writer January 13, 2023

Currently, within the United States, there are four major packers that kill 80% of beef cattle. These packers are Tyson, Cargill, JBS, and National Beef.   The current packer situation is unfair, deceptive,...

picture of a zero with hands and feet

The Absence Of

Lexi Anchondo, Writer December 8, 2022

The art of counting, and numbers, began in about 4,000 BC, in one of the earliest civilizations. The numbers spanned from one to infinity, and were used a lot in common day life. The first zero was recorded...

A hotdog.

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?

Grace McIver, Writer December 5, 2022

There is a lifelong question of if a hotdog is a sandwich. The definition of a sandwich is “an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them.” The...

Matched socks vs. Mismatched socks

Matching or Unmatched?

Lizzy Garcia, Writer December 1, 2022

There are many kinds of socks that people can wear, whether they be matched or mixed up. The many opinions on this are not impactful, but is important to some.  Socks should be mismatched for good...

Should Springlake-Earth Allow Semester Test Exemptions?

Should Springlake-Earth Allow Semester Test Exemptions?

Braileigh Goe, Writer November 4, 2022

The semester test exemption for high school students has been a recurring topic circulating at Springlake-Earth, allowing certain students to skip their semester test with a few conditions. The student...

Picture of a car driving down the road

Road Hazards: The Teenage Dream

Lexi Anchondo, Writer November 2, 2022

Around the world, underage driving has become more prominent. Some teenagers and preteenagers have started driving motor vehicles without proper licensing and titling, especially in rural areas. In Texas,...

Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple and Pizza Don’t Mix

Lizzy Garcia, Writer November 2, 2022

There is an age old debate about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. On both sides of the argument, people believe passionately that they are right. Today the record will be set straight. Pineapple...

Is Dual Credit Appropriate for High School Students?

Is Dual Credit Appropriate for High School Students?

Taytum Goodman, Writer October 10, 2022

There has always been a debate on whether dual credit is appropriate for high school.    Dual credit should not be allowed for high school students to take because it causes so many problems for...

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