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Spirit of the Green & Gold

Spirit of the Green & Gold

A generic vending machine

Are Vending Machines Beneficial to High Schools?

Jenna Bridges, Writer February 18, 2022

Vending machines are beneficial in high schools. Having one in your high school allows easy access to a nutritional snack or healthy drink. Also, it encourages healthy dieting and it’s been proven that...

Cellphones being used for various different things

Should Cellphones Work in a Moving Vehicle?

Jenna Bridges, Writer September 30, 2021

Cellphones have always been claimed responsible for accidents. Last year 364 people died on Texas roads because of texting and driving. However, cellphones are not to blame, the drivers are.  Cellphones...

Missing soap dispensers in boys bathroom

New Trend: Devious Lick

Taytum Goodman, Writer September 30, 2021

Devious lick is a popular trend on Tik Tok.  It is influencing students around the world to steal and vandalize school property mainly in bathrooms.  It has not yet been a huge problem at our school,...

Alarm clock

Should Schools Start Later?

Sam Alderson, Writer September 23, 2021

Year after year sleep experts have studied the effects of starting school early on students. As of  February 5, 2021 both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics have...

Alex Alvarez holding dress code sign

Should Schools Have Uniforms?

Kimberly Cruz, Writer September 22, 2021

School dress code violations are a major issue that teachers and principals have to deal with multiple times a day. Implementing school uniforms would prevent dress code violations that happen each day.  We...

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