Teacher Spotlight: Keenan Senter


Taytum Goodman

“For the short time I have been here I can say meeting everyone at SE has been the coolest thing yet,” Keenan Senter said. 

Coach Senter is a husband to Tabitha Senter and a father to four children, Claire, Chloe, Carly, and Colton.  Growing up Coach Senter played many sports including football, basketball, and track.  His love for sports is one of the big reasons he came and joined the staff at SE. 

“I played many sports in high school, but basketball was my favorite,” Coach Senter said. 

Not only was basketball his favorite sport, but he went on to play at the University of South West.   

“After playing basketball in college, I then went to the Air Force and was a weather forecaster for four years,” Coach Senter said. 

While in the Air Force, Coach Senter met his wife Tabitha who was also a weather forecaster. 

“Keenan and I met in the Air Force, working as Weather Forecasters in the same flight,” Tabitha said. 

After being in the Air Force, Coach Senter had a couple of jobs, but now SE is lucky enough to have him join their staff. 

“I do absolutely everything,” Coach Senter said.  “I am a coach, bus driver, custodian supervisor, and a maintenance man.” 

When Keenan found out about the job opening at SE, Tabitha knew it was for him because he has always loved to coach. 

“As long as I have known Keenan, he has wanted to coach,” Tabitha Senter said. “He would coach our kids’ soccer teams, and even before we had kids of our own, he would coach kids’ basketball teams on base.” 

Being a coach, of course, he has goals and expectations for his teams. 

“Hopefully a lot of winning,” Coach Senter said. “I also hope to see the boys push themselves in every sport they play to become the best they can be.” 

While Coach Senter is not doing one of his many jobs, he also has hobbies he likes to do in his off time. 

“I enjoy watching TV when I don’t have anything else to do,” Coach Senter said. 

Coach Senter and his family also have a few things they like to do together. 

“We enjoy stock shows as a family, and the girls love playing Minecraft with him,” Tabitha said.