SE Wins Again!

Athletes Bring Home District Track Titles


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Two more plaques were added to the trophy case last weekend after SE boys earned the first place district track meet title and the girls received 2nd place. 

The Wolverines and Lady Wolverines traveled to Dimmit last Thursday to compete in the last track meet of the district season. Also there to try and claim the district title was Kress, Anton, Amherst, Lazbuddie, Hart, and Cotton Center. Despite the competition, both teams set out to do their best, and their hard work this district season has been very evident.  

“I was very proud of all the kids that went and competed,” Principal Furr said. “They put their whole heart into, and that’s what a Wolverine does.”

To start the morning off, 2-milers lined up at the starting line. Competing in the event were freshman Marisela Rodriguez, senior Josh Samaron, and freshman Alix Campos. With the limited number of people competing in the event and their impressive times, all three of them advanced to area. 

“I usually ran a mile and a half or 2 miles each day,” Rodriguez said. “I get to go to regionals as a freshman which some freshman never get to experience, so that’s exciting.” 

Up next were the preliminaries for the 100-, 200-, and 400-meter dash races. Junior Halee Toscano, senior Aubrey Deleon, junior Annabelle Anchondo, Marisela Rodriguez, sophomore Taytum Goodman, junior Jenna Bridges, sophomore Adamarie Hernandez, junior Braxton Ethridge, sophomore Levi Shaw, freshman Nehemiah Castillo, sophomore Alejandro Gonzales, senior Dorri Samarron, senior Trace Goodman, sophomore JJ Jaramillo, freshman Dadwin Perez, and freshman Wyatt Hill were all competing in the three events.  

“Everyone gave their hardest and always pushed through,” Samarron. “I was happy to see everyone who made it to finals.” 

Those advancing to finals later that day included Toscano, Bridges, Hernandez, Taytum Goodman, B. Ethridge, Trace Goodman, and Jaramillo.  

“Everyone tried their best. Sadly only a few advanced, but the ones did gave it their all,” Samarron said. “I can proudly say some of them made it to area.” 

After preliminaries in the running events, athletes competing in field events took their places on the track. Bridges, Anchondo, sophomore Jasmine Garcia, sophomore Emma Samaron, Hernandez, freshman Riley Furr, freshman Reagan Ethridge, Jaramillo, sophomore Gavin Villanueva, B. Ethridge, senior Timothy Tanaro, junior Alex Alvarez, senior Sayler Beerwinkle, sophomore Bella Gonzales, A. Deleon, freshman Tyler Tanaro, sophomore Xavyer Mosqueda, Shaw, Trace Goodman, A. Gonzales, and senior Evan Deleon were all there to represent SE.  

“Not everyone can say that they made it to regionals or area in track, and I’ve worked hard this year,” E. Samaron said. “I just focus on myself before my races and my field events and get my head in the game.” 

Going to area in field events included B. Ethridge, Beerwinkle, E. Samaron, Alvarez, Jaramillo, R. Furr, Mosqueda, and Hernandez.  

“For high jump, I wanted 6 feet, but unfortunately I got 5’10,” B. Ethridge said. “But I’m taking more ice baths, stretching more, just preparing myself for area to do better.” 

To finish up the day, the finals for all of the running events began to see which relay teams and individuals would advance to area. In the 4×1, 4×2, and 4×4, both the boys and girls relayers advanced to area, including Samarron, Perez, Jaramillo, Alvarez, Hill, Castillo, A. Gonzales, Toscano, sophomore Sydney Furr, R. Furr, Garcia, Bridges, Hernandez, E. Samaron, and R. Ethridge. 

“Qualifying for area was satisfying to me because all the hard after-school practices and the meets leading up to district prepared the team and I for Thursday,” Bridges said. “They were all worth it.” 

SE runners advancing to area includes B. Ethridge, Trace Goodman, Timothy Tanaro, J. Samaron, Villanueva, Taytum Goodman, R. Ethridge, freshman Aryca Ibarra, and E. Samaron. 

“It was fun being able to compete with other schools and also my teammates!” Bridges said.  

After a long day of hard work and after an outstanding district season, the Wolverines would take home two plaques, boys first place and girls second place. All athletes did a phenomenal job and are excited for the area meet! 

“Track this year has been fun, and I was excited I advanced. I am also proud of the track team,” Timothy Tanaro said. “We won district, and I hope everyone on the team moves on past area!”