A State Worthy Preformance



A picture of sheet music.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

Going to state for a performing a solo is senior Oscar Flores. He played a fast pace of music that is classically played.  

Solo & Ensemble is a band activity that students choose to participate in. This activity can be performed as a solo or an ensemble if the student chooses. If a student wants an ensemble there must be other students who wish to be in that ensemble. For solos students must memorize their music and be able to perform it to the best of their ability when going to compete.  

“I’ve made it in an ensemble but an ensemble you have your one sheet of music it’s usually one sheet but you’re constantly looking at your ensemble,” Flores said. “But when it comes to a solo you have to memorize all of it, which makes it even harder. I had to memorize it and that was a challenging part.” 

Flores may be the only one who is going to play an instrument, but junior Lynnsey Mahler is also going to state for twirling. Mahler is excited for her own performance but is also excited for Flores to get the chance to play at state. 

“I’m excited. I feel like it’ll be a fun trip. I’m proud of Oscar for making it to state this year especially since he’s the only one who has made it instrument wise,” Mahler said. “And I’m really excited to go with him during summer. Oscar has been working hard since his eighth-grade year. To learn this instrument and it’s really cool that he can do what he can do” 

For Flores this is his last year to participate in a band activity before he graduates. He will miss the band but is excited for this new journey in life. 

“it’s kind of sad that it’s my last year,” Flores said. “At the same time, I’m so glad to go. Last year like I’m so ready to leave, but I mean I am going to miss it a lot.” 

Band director Herbert Herrera is sad to see Flores go. Even though Herrera has only been here for a year, Flores has made an impact on the director. 

“Oscar works very hard,” Herrera said. “And I think it’s fantastic he has made it. We are excited for him, and I would say he definitely put in the work for sure.” 

The Wolverine community is proud of Flores and hopes that he succeeds when he goes to state.  

“I was very surprised that I made it to state, but it’s definitely going to be a challenge,” Flores said. “Once I’m there I will continue to practice and if I can get a first that’ll be amazing, but it’s gonna be hard but that’s my expectation to get a first.”