Plain Jane or Extravagantly Exotic?


Pixabay Free Images

A elephant walking around in a dimly lit forest.

Grace McIver, Writer

If a person wants a tiger, lemur, or even an elephant, should they be able to get one and keep it as a pet, or should the animals be allowed to live their life inside a zoo or in the wild? Anyone with the money that could take care of said animals. Animals that are in captivity have to live in sometimes terrible conditions.  

People should be allowed to have whatever animal they want, even exotic ones.  

People go to zoos or “safaris” which are just zoos but on wheels. The animals that are unable to live in the wild because of extinction, deformations, or they were just born in a zoo, all must stay with humans. Some zoos take great care of all animals, or, like most, they use it as a tax write-off and abuse or mistreat the poor animals. If given to the correct people, animals could have a happy and full life on a farm as a pet.  

If someone wants to spend so much money on an animal, they should be allowed that right. Spending hundreds of thousands or even millions on an animal is everyone’s choice. If spending enormous amounts of money a person owned on an elephant named tiny is their heart’s desire that will make them happy.  

People have the right to spend their money how they want and if they believe they should get an exotic animal they should go for it. People never know what will happen. 

A very sad little money in a box. (Pixabay Free Images )

It is unethical, but so are zoos. They are still around, so if there are animals that need homes there are rich people that could take them in. There is an organization that keeps track of the wild animals in captivity so they will be watched. That will prevent harm to animals that are purchased by wealthy people.  

Who would not want a cool exotic animal to go home to? Happiness is important to how much a person enjoys living so if a tiger, lemur, elephant, or an adorable capybara makes someone happy and they have the money, get the tiger.