Pineapple and Pizza Don’t Mix


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Pineapple Pizza

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

There is an age old debate about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. On both sides of the argument, people believe passionately that they are right. Today the record will be set straight.

Pineapple on pizza is an atrocity and should have never been made.  

First, the texture that a pineapple has doesn’t mix very well with pizza. The pizza has this crust that is nice to eat alongside some string cheese and delicious sauce, while pineapple feels a bit rough and can be hard to chew at times. These don’t mix at all and if they did, they would at least be a bit more similar. The pineapple clashes with the pizza too much and can’t be helped because it is way different from any toppings on a pizza and the pizza itself. The way it feels when chewing it is also disgusting, while the pizza goes down easy the pineapple can get stuck between teeth and is a hassle to get out. 

In addition, the sweetness of a pineapple would not mix well with the salty parts of the pizza. When a bite is taken you can immediately taste the pineapple with its juice overpowering the pizza while the pizza slowly gets soggy in the mouth. Once the bite is finished the taste of pineapple has overtaken the tongue, and it is hard to taste any of the pizza afterwards. Also, if people think about it the pineapple mixing with tomato sauce and cheese does not taste the best. It’s like if someone ate a pineapple slice with ketchup it would look and taste disgusting. 

Another reason, is that pineapples are acidic fruits which means that it weakens people’s teeth, and it shouldn’t mix with other acidic ingredients such as the tomato sauce. If anyone eats to much acidic foods during the week then the teeth can’t recover and it could result in losing the enamel. The enamel takes care of the pain and sensitivity that teeth have, but take that away and teeth will start to feel pain. 

Although, pizza and pineapple may be delicious and the two combined may be appetizing to some, it’s not for everyone to like. The sweet and savory that some people get from this pizza is not a taste that everyone enjoys. 

In conclusion, pineapple pizza is a thing that should not exist, but it does. Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza; pizza already has so many toppings why add more? Leave pizza with the toppings it already has and don’t try to add fruits to a pizza. and stop buying pineapple pizza.