Wolverine Spotlight: Emma Samaron


Coach Jeri Been Goodman

Junior Taytum Goodman with first place in the 5k medal and junior Emma Samaron with 20th place in the 2-mile medal.

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

A wolverine is described as mean, intimidating, and it is said that caution should be exercised if one is encountered. However, at Springlake-Earth, it is quite the latter. The Wolverines here have pride, determination, and force to accomplish all that they desire. Having characteristics as such is something that puts Wolverines a step above, Wolverines such as junior Emma Samaron. Being a Wolverine requires commitment, and there is no lack of it in Samaron.  

Samaron is a dependable and strong-willed person, one to have complete faith in.  She participates in many different organizations such as cheer, athletics, band, UIL, and more. 

“Emma shows a strong determination in accomplishment of her goals and the activities she does,” Grace McIver said. “She is stubbornly set in her decisions, and a better person for it.” 

Setting an example can be very beneficial to the success of others. Being a good role model is something that takes effort, but Samaron excels easily. 

“[Emma Samaron] is positive, upbeat, and she shows that she wants others to succeed,” teacher Sarah Weldon said. “She deserves to be recognized for her hard work.” 

The most important qualities a Wolverine can have change from individual to individual, but in Samaron’s case, they are hard work, teamwork, and respect. 

“Springlake-Earth is a great place to attend. I do my best to help others be respectful students, and get along,” Samaron said. “I try my hardest in everything I do depending on if I like it or not. I do what I have to do. It lets me know I’m doing my part for this school, by being responsible, respectful, and a good leader.” 

Emma was born and raised in Springlake-Earth, and thus far, she has made quite a home for herself here.    

“Emma cares about how well she can represent her school. She has pride in her activities,” Weldon said. “She works hard and does what is asked of her, even if it is difficult.” 

Emma takes each event she participates in extremely seriously and dedicates herself to that event. This shows her character, and the willingness she devotes. 

“I make sure I help people I help whenever I can and do my best to get my work done,” Samaron said. “I show up to school every day because that’s what I want other students to do, so our school can be on top. I’m always nice to people because that’s what I would want other people do for me.” 

Emma is an immensely driven individual, and she takes pride in every single thing she does, especially her extracurriculars.  

“With all the hard work she applies to her extra curriculars and herself, she manages to do well in a lot of things. She tries in all her classes,” Grace McIver said. “She’s just an overall kind person and does her best to help out when help is needed.” 

Emma knows that not only have the people made her time at Springlake-Earth memorable, but she understands that it was those very individuals who taught her how to be the best Wolverine she could be. 

“It is important to be a great role model because if others were to look up to me, I would want them to see a good example,” Samaron said. “I do good in what I’m doing so it makes others want to follow my example. It could make them want to do good and maybe even better than I do.” 

Emma is a model of how working hard can accomplish your goals, and she shows this every single day. Emma is a valued part of Springlake-Earth High School, and a representation of what it means to be a Wolverine. 

“She is an excellent example of what a Wolverine could, and should, look like,” Grace McIver said. “She inspires me every single day to be the best I can be, and without her, [Springlake-Earth High School] wouldn’t ever be the same.”