Teacher Spotlight: Jeri Been Goodman

Teacher Spotlight: Jeri Been Goodman

Jenna Bridges, Writer

“Love your students because you may be the only one that does,” said Coach Jerri Been Goodman. 

Daughter of Marvin and Barta Been, Jeri Been Goodman, was born in Littlefield TX, but was raised in Earth Tx. As a former graduate of the 1985 class of Springlake-Earth High School, she later attended Texas Tech University over in Lubbock TX. Majoring in Exercise and Sport Science, Jerri also minored in Health and Science. Jeri received her Bachelor’s of science degree. She now has a family of her own with two children, Trace and Taytum Goodman, with her husband, Jamie Goodman. Jeri is also a sister to Carrie Glasscock, and a half sister to Brent and Alan Been. 

Jeri is now a coach and a teacher at Springlake-Earth High school. She is the head coach for the High school girls’ athletic program, and she teaches medical terminology, Anatomy and Physiology.  

“In the past I worked at Bovina for one year, and then 10 years at Hale Center, now I work at SEHS and I have been for 20 years,” said Jeri. 

Although Jeri loves her job and her students, there is always something that’s difficult to deal with in her perception.  

“The hardest part about my job is that I don’t have control over things that I would like to change; communication is key,” said Jeri. 

Despite the lesser pay teachers receive for their educational roles, the one thing that makes it all worth it is the kids. 

“Even though you have to prepare yourself to be broke, the greatest reward is getting to work with my students and athletes,” said Jeri. 

In the graduating class of 2022, there are many students that Jerri has got to not only teach but also got to coach them throughout their whole high school experience, including Aubrey Deleon. 

“I love that she always lets me do my makeup in her class and that she always has a smile on her face!!,” said Deleon. “I am going to miss her coaching me in sports, teaching me in class, and mainly making me laugh all the time!” 

After working at SEHS for 20 years, Jeri plans on staying until she decides its time for her to retire.