The Wolverine’s Set the Buffaloes on Fire


Robert Flores throwing a ball in from the outfield. Robert plays left field.

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

Setting the base paths on fire, the Springlake-Earth Wolverines took on the Petersburg Buffalos last Friday in Lockney for a district baseball game that would decide who advanced to playoffs.   

“Our pitching was really good, their fielding was really bad, and their bad fielding complimented our hitting,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said. 

Junior Braden Bradley pitched just over two innings, allowing no runs, one hit, and striking out four within the two innings. The Buffalos allowed 13 runs for the Wolverines in the second inning. 

“I stole a lot of bases, and it was good to get that far ahead,” freshman Robert Flores said. “We felt really comfortable, and we weren’t really worried.” 

Flores led the team in stealing bases, taking 6 from under the other team’s nose. Three other players stole two bases during the game, and the battle ended after the fifth quarter 18-5 with a Wolverine win.

“We were just playing our game, and they couldn’t handle our compness,” junior Slade Beerwinkle said. 

The Wolverines allowed four runs in the fourth inning, but that was not enough to compare with their 16-point lead.  

“That is where we needed to be,” Mosqueda said. “It was not an accomplishment because that score should be standard for that kind of team.” 

This game ensured the team a place in the playoffs. After a hard battle against Crosbyton, the team is now sitting in second place in the district.  

“I am so proud of the boys,” parent Sarah Weldon said. “They have put together a team that fights hard and doesn’t give up.” 

The Springlake-Earth Wolverines will take on the Borden County Coyotes for the first-round playoffs next Thursday.

“I feel excited about the playoffs,” Beerwinkle said. “We need to play well and know our competition.”