Wolverine Spotlight: Emma Stevenson


Tanya Stevenson

Emma with her show goat. Emma is actively involved in FFA and Ag.

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

According to OneKindPlanet.org, “the Wolverine is a rare and poorly understood animal”. It has an oily, water-resistant coat that keeps materials from getting stuck in its hair. Most creatures would be held back by ice captured in their coat, but water just rolls off of the Wolverine. Similarly, Junior Emma Steveson is a rare person who will not be held back by the tribulations that surround her. 

Emma is the 17-year-old daughter of Sam and Tanya Stevenson, and sister to Clayton and Jenna Steveson. She is involved in FFA, Theatre, Debate, Journalism, Academic U.I.L., and NHS. She has grown up in the Springlake-Earth community and exhibits the Wolverine spirit. 

“Emma can seem scary,” freshman Lexi Anchondo said. “Even though she appears that way, once you get to know her sense of humor and personality, you know that she is a genuinely caring and honest person.” 

Not many people have the sight to notice people in need. Emma possesses this sight, looks for people to help and does everything she can to lift them up.  

“Emma brings determination, grit, and honesty. If you have her word that she will do something, she is going to do it,” teacher Marlana Tanaro said.  

It is these qualities Emma brings to the table that make her personality refreshing in modern society.  

“I think there are too many people that shy away from being honest because they are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings,” Tanaro said.  “She takes that into consideration, but she isn’t afraid.” 

In true Wolverine manner, Emma presents a rare and unmatched way of doing things. She is sure to make anyone around her leave with a big smile.  

“One of my favorite things about Emma is that she is unapologetically herself; she will let you know what she thinks but is also not afraid to be silly and have fun,” teacher Cassi Furr said. 

Emma kayaking in Wyoming. Emma loves the outdoors and nature. (Tanya Stevenson)

Emma adapts to the situation she is in, but she never lets the people around her be a reason to change. She is on a mission to be her best self all of the time.  

“Everywhere I go I just act like myself,” Emma said. “I don’t believe in changing myself for other people.” 

Being completely transparent is another rare quality Emma upholds.  

“Part of being a role model for younger kids is just being a good Christian, which I try to do regardless of what people think of me,” Emma said.  

Staying on her path and keeping others’ opinions out of her ears has made Emma successful and reliable. She is a good example of what a Wolverine should be, placing others before herself and staying determined.  

“She is one of those all-around good kids. She has a good servant heart, a great work ethic, and pushes herself to do her best in everything she does,” Furr said.