Are Vending Machines Beneficial to High Schools?


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A generic vending machine

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Vending machines are beneficial in high schools. Having one in your high school allows easy access to a nutritional snack or healthy drink. Also, it encourages healthy dieting and it’s been proven that available snacks help improve classroom concentration.

These machines are beneficial to all school districts.

Vending machines in schools should dispense healthy foods. They give students easy access to quality drinks and snacks during their break times, and they can purchase snacks to take home, as well, since the point of a vending machine is grab-and-go. 98 percent of high schools say having a vending machine in their halls is beneficial, and 74 percent of middle schools say the same. 

Machines in schools dispense healthy snacks such as low-fat pop tarts, fruit snacks, veggie chips, diet soft drinks, etc. Children will pick up the habit of eating healthily at school and will want to continue that habit at home. Both the USDA and the CDC have supported the idea of having a healthy vending machine in school. 

Students are in school six to eight hours a day, even more if they participate in any sports and have to stay after school for practices. It’s impossible for a student to concentrate during class if they are hungry. Having access to a drink or snack during the day helps students stay fueled and have energy throughout the day.  

People argue that vending machines lead to unhealthy snack habits but what is in the vending machines doesn’t determine what the student is craving. Whether they want a healthy snack or not it’s their decision.  

High school vending machines are beneficial because they allow easy access to healthy snacks, develop healthy eating habits, and help with classroom concentration.