Lady Wolverines Run in the Yellow City!


Coach Jeri Been Goodman

The varsity team getting ready to run their 2-mile race.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

As the days approach the district cross country meet, the Lady Wolverines keep attending various meets in the area to better themselves as individual runners and as a team. On Friday the 23rd, the girls varsity team traveled to Amarillo to compete in another meet of the season, the Rebel Run. Junior Taytum Goodman would take first place in the 5k with a time of 18:35. In addition, junior Emma Samaron placed 20th in the 2-mile race, earning a medal for being within the top 20.  Other varsity girls had personal best times, including sophomore Rylie Furr who placed 33rd overall. 

“Personally, I think I did very well at the time. I got my personal best time of 16.33,” Furr said. “I paced myself and didn’t let myself die out in the first mile.”

While sophomore Marisela Rodriguez didn’t have her best time, she still gave the course her all, placing second on the SE team in the 2-mile race and 28th overall. 

“Honestly, I’m really proud of myself,” Rodriguez said. “I know I didn’t get my fastest time, but I think I placed good.”

Also placing on the varsity team was sophomore Aryca Ibarra finishing 32nd, freshman Jessica Mendoza 49th, Jasmine Garcia coming in at 52nd, and senior Jenna Bridges at 59th place. Freshman Aabriella Villanueva also competed in the 2-mile event. Even though the team did not do as well as they have in previous meets due to several factors including some injuries, they are all taking it as a learning experience.

Junior Taytum Goodman with first place in the 5k medal and junior Emma Samaron with 20th place in the 2-mile medal. (Coach Jeri Been Goodman)

“We know we didn’t have the meet of our lives, but we all saw what we needed to fix,” Rodriguez said. “We learned from it.”

The varsity team intends to work on their weaker areas and focus on bettering themselves as they gear up for their upcoming meet at Sundown.

“I hope to see the entire team in Round Rock this November. There is something special going on with this team. I see improvements from week to week,” parent Stevie Villanueva said. “Figure out the difference between owies and injuries, take care of each other, and I’ll see y’all at state.”