A Swing and A Miss


Tamequah Mahler

The Wolverine baseball team lined up for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Grace McIver, Writer

Wolverines took on the Sudan Hornets at their first baseball game. After some players came back from a 4-hour long golf tournament they swung back around and started the baseball game. The baseball team had a rough start to the season with only a few signing up, but after a few weeks, they formed a team. The lineup was senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Slade Beerwinkle, Braden Bradley, and Xavyer Mosqueda, sophomores Tyler Tanaro, Froylan Agundiz, and Timothy Tovar, and freshman Donovan Stiggers and Pops Fuentes.    

“I was nervous of not having a team, but as long as we had 9 kids it didn’t really matter to me who they were,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said.  

After some of the boys got back from a golf tournament, they were exhausted, but they kicked it into high gear and started playing.  

“I figured that we would keep up and kids would join. The kids really stepped it up and got the game going,” Brain Mahler said.  

Looking back on last year’s team it is so different for the team now, they have a lot more lower-classmen, but they are holding their own and trying their best.  

“The team is definingly different because last year we had some very strong seniors that contributed a lot of scores and outs. Just seeing how the boys play out in the season,” manager Hannah Alvarez said.  

Even though the team is very young, it is strong. The boys are figuring out how to work as a team.  

“We do have a tough district, but I just hope that we just learn baseball. Like learning the game and getting better,” Mahler said.  

After the game continued the boys were hitting the ball and being walked, they got on and off the base but no matter how many times they got on base when they were playing offense the decisions made changed the game. The boys were being teacupped meaning the strike box was as small as a teacup, but the boys moved through it.  

“We need to improve on our defense, there were times where I could have held my composer better. Our strike zone compared to theirs was substantially smaller than ours and it took a lot of work to overcome it,” Mosqueda said.  

The other team’s strike box was no match to the Wolverine. The team hit the ball with ease.  

“The person that surprised me and everyone was Donovan. He had some very good hits; every time he went up to bat, he brought someone in. I thought they all did good for their game and being a young team,” H. Alvarez said.  

The game was called short because the field did not have lights. The boys were satisfied that they hit the ball as much as they could. Even though the finishing score was 7-8 with Sudan hitting a fly ball and getting someone home. Stiggers caught the ball ending the game.  

“Our hitting was great. There is nothing to complain about that because if you can’t hit, you can’t score, and if you can’t score you lose by a lot more,” Mosqueda said.  

The Wolverines will play their first district game against Petersburg today.