Changes Made Throughout the School


Lynnsey Mahler

The redesigned hallway

Emma Stevenson, Writer

Many changes have been made throughout the school. At the end of every year the administration looks back at the entire year to see what our school exceeded in and what the school needs to fix. Last year when Mrs. Furr started her yearly overview, she noticed that school pride, being on time to class, and academic progress were falling below standards.  

 “We started researching and one of the biggest problems that impedes progress is cellphone use,” Furr said. “That is why we allow absolutely no cellphones during class.”   

While this rule may help the school as a whole, it makes the students feel frustrated.   

“There are many improvements throughout the school, but most of the students don’t seem as happy without their phones,” sophomore Marisela Rodriguez said. 

Concerning the other issues Mrs. Furr decided it was best to ask students and teachers for their input. The students said that they were not aware of some things like how to earn Wolverine Pride, and when asked about tardies the students requested two water fountains.  

Furr stated, “I took some of the kids recommendations and talked to teachers who said that we need to do a little more recognizing, so that is where the decorations in the hall came from.”  

Students have begun to notice these changes to the halls. 

 “The biggest change I’ve noticed are the halls,” Senior Oscar Flores said. “They are just very lively and make me want to walk in.”    

The bathrooms have also been remodeled. 

 “The bathrooms were getting kind of old and nasty, so we tried to fix that,” Furr said.  “Unfortunately, stalls for the boys’ bathroom took longer to come in than we expected, but they are now installed.” 

Aside from the more positive changes the school is taking some precautionary measures regarding an event that happened in May of 2022.  

 “Safety has become a big issue.” Furr said “We are our best defense, keeping the doors locked knowing our visitors helps us be safe.” 

I am very optimistic that the changes we’ve made will help us make improvements to attendance, academic growth, and school culture.

— Principal Cindy Furr

Aside from these precautionary measures the school has also made major changes concerning the students’ schedules. Due to the four day week, the administration has added a breakfast period. 

“Adding the breakfast period has both positives and negatives. It makes it easier to communicate with your class and talk, but once homecoming and everything is over it could be a waste of time.” Junior Taytum Goodman said. 

Due to issues with finding substitute teachers a decision was made to switch the band and athletics periods as well as switching the tutorial period to where everyone has tutorial periods at a different time. 

 “Personally I do not like the switching of athletics and band. It was not the right decision for the students.” Goodman said. “The changed tutorial period makes it hard to get help with work from a teacher because everyone has a different tutorial period.” 

 There are various feelings regarding all the changes that have taken place at SEHS, but administrators are hopeful and optimistic about the positive impact these changes will have for everyone. 

“I’ve seen a change already. Attendance is already better, and our overall demeanor in the halls and at school events such as the football games have drastically improved,” Furr said. “I am very optimistic that the changes we’ve made will help us make improvements to attendance, academic growth, and school culture.”