Wolverine Spotlight: Lizzy Garcia

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

Everyone has grown up being told to work hard in order to achieve certain aspects in their life. After seeing no results, however, a lot of individuals give up before giving adequate time for their work to pay off. That is not the case with people at Springlake-Earth, though. In fact, teachers and staff members have selected one individual who models this principle perfectly.

Freshman Lizzy Garcia puts in endless hard work in everything she does. Participating in numerous extracurriculars, including band, debate, journalism, and theatre, Lizzy constantly puts her heart on the line for the events and people she loves. She is a great student who is always willing to learn and makes everyone smile when she is around. Lizzy is the type of person when things might not be going the way she wants she will never let anyone know because she always has a smile on her face.

Learning of her Wolverine Spotlight nomination, she could not have been more thrilled and grateful.

“I feel glad that I got a Wolverine Spotlight. I just want to be good enough for everyone even though that isn’t possible,” L. Garcia said. “My family has been my biggest inspiration. They all do different things to come together and make others happy. They just show how being nice to one another can make a difference in people.”

Her family has played a huge role in her personality and her teaching others how kindness is always the answer. In fact, her display has rubbed off on others surrounding her.

“She has taught me how to be more humble and reserved in my opinions about others,” freshman Alexis Anchondo said. “She sets a great example on how to behave while having a great personality and character.”

Lizzy Garcia has been a part of Springlake-Earth since Kindergarten. She has learned that in order to succeed, one must put effort in everything.

“I’m proud of her; Lizzy works extremely hard on everything she does, so it’s definitely deserved. Lizzy has always held a lot of concern about her grades, sometimes stressing if she had less than a 90 in some classes,” sister and senior Gabi Garcia said. “It all just shows her dedication to being the best student she can be.”

Spending time with family (Lizzy Garcia)

Besides the hard work she puts in as a student, Lizzy loves making others around her laugh while being the example for others to follow.

“Lizzy leads by example in her friend group. She is not the type to tell people what to do; instead, she does it for others to follow,” teacher Cassi Furr said.

Anything Lizzy does, she is always willing to try something new. This year, she joined debate not having a clue what to expect, but she did not let that stop her. To her surprise, she enjoys being a part of the organization and having fun while debating.

“Lizzy truly puts her whole self into everything she does, working both at school and at home. This allows her to improve at things quickly, even if she struggles at first,” G. Garcia said.

Close friends of Lizzy’s are thrilled to see the recognition of all of her efforts and are extremely happy to call her their friend.

“I think it’s good that Lizzy got a Wolverine Spotlight. She is someone who should be noticed for things she does. She has been a person I look up to when I need help or when I’m behind,” freshman Mareli Hidalgo said. “Lizzy is really caring. She will listen to all of your problems when you need to rant. She also likes to play around with her friends.”

For Lizzy, she wants everyone around her to succeed in everything they do. She wants to be the model of accomplishing the things that one works hard for, and she wants to show others that goals are obtainable with hard work.

“The hard work that anyone puts into anything always pays off, even if it takes awhile,” L. Garcia said. “It pays off because it shows not only other people, but yourself that you are very dedicated to anything you put your mind too. It feels very rewarding when the work finally pays off.”