Senior Spotlight: Rosie Hernandez


Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

Despite the challenges that high school holds, there are some at SEHS who light up a room and can make even the worst day better. For four years of her high school career, senior Rosie Hernandez has been that light.

“She’s one of the most kind people in this whole school. She always has a bright attitude,” senior Halee Toscano said.

With graduation approaching, the world, now, accepts the light glowing around Rosie.

Rosie Hernandez is the second oldest child of Manuel and Susana Hernandez, and sister to Paulita and Manuel. Born and raised in the Springlake-Earth community, Rosie has been involved in a multitude of activities within high school, including STUCO, National Honor Society, UIL academics, journalism, band, and CNA.

In her time at Springlake-Earth, her desire to resemble kindness and be the helping hand for others has flourished, making her career pathway clear. In the fall, Rosie plans to attend South Plains College to receive her basic education before venturing into the nursing program where she will earn her Registered Nurse certification. The end goal for her is to be working in the OR as an RN.

“I chose nursing because I always had an interest in the medical field,” Hernandez said. “I wanted to make a difference. Even if it might not be a lot to some, it would still make a difference.”

While nursing found its way into life’s road for her, Rosie did not always see herself being a nurse.

“I went through a lot of pathways ranging from wanting to open a clothing boutique to wanting to be a wedding planner to a surgeon or doctor.”

After her close friend encouraged her to go into the medical field, however, Rosie knew what she wanted to do, and she’s excited to finally be a part of that world.

“I’m very excited to be an RN. I get to work in the OR, and I have always wanted to work in that area,” Hernandez said. “I get to wear nice scrubs, and it would be nice seeing how I’m making a difference in every patient I get.”

With graduation approaching soon, Rosie is one step closer to fulfilling her career goals, and she is excited to finally graduate from SEHS.

“I’m excited to graduate because I get to start the next chapter of my life and be able to do my own thing,” Hernandez said.

While graduation will be an exciting moment for all involved, the teachers who have had the pleasure of having Rosie in class will sadly have to say goodbye to her. The impact she has had on others is exponential.

“Rosie was always so kind and compassionate,” teacher Jamie Mendoza said. “She’s so smart and so service minded.”

Her friends will also miss her, but they know the best awaits her.

As she ventures beyond the doors of SE, Rosie hopes to leave one message for others.

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started,” Hernandez said.