From Runnerup to Regionals!


Sarah Weldon

1st place JV and Varsity Lady Wolverines.

Grace McIver, Writer

On Tuesday, the Lady Wolverine cross-country team went to Plainview to compete at their district meet. Both teams got runner up against Nazareth, but two of the Lady Wolverines got first on JV and Varsity. With the drive to want to make it to state, they advanced to regionals.  

Lady Wolverines. (Ann)

“Even though we did not come out on top, everyone still tried and ran the hardest they could to improve the time,” junior Bella Gonzales said.  

The girls were neck and neck with the rival, but overall, they have made big strides and are sure to get better as the season progresses. 

“The whole team has improved by leaps and bounds. I knew us and Nazareth were going to be close at the end,” Coach Jeri Been Goodman said. “I would much rather them beat us at district than when we go to regionals.”

Many times were improved at this meet because the hours of practice the girls put in. They run daily to ensure that they will have a good season.  

“I improved by 3 minutes and ended up winning the JV race,” junior Sydney Furr said.  “I am very proud of what I did. I am grateful that I have to run because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had as strong of a mindset that I have now.”

The greatest reward for all of the runners was crossing the finish line. All of their hard work leading up to the meet had finally paid off, and many felt encouraged to keep pushing themselves to be better.

“I had fun. I enjoy running it is one of my favorite sports. I find it a different way to push myself harder,” sophomore Aryca Ibarra said.  

Pushing each other is something the team will work on as they prepare for regionals. Next on the Lady Wolverine to-do list is regionals and then, state. 

“I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t make it to state because we have what it takes to go all the way,” Coach Been said.