Lady Wolverines Kicking Their Way to the Top


Dayanara Delgado

The Lady Wolverines gearing each other up before the game.

Braileigh Goe, Writer

With the Lady Wolverines and the Lady Roo’s from Kress taking on one another once again this season, the game finished with a very close Springlake-Earth win. Starting off the game for the Lady Wolverines were senior Halee Toscano and juniors Sydney Furr, Taytum Goodman, Emma Samaron and Jasmine Garcia.  

“I was very excited; it was a very good game and a very close game,” E. Samaron said. “Everybody was on their toes the whole time, but we pulled out the end.” 

To start off the first quarter, the Lady Roos gained possession of the ball; however, it managed to make its way out of bounds before a basket was made. The Lady Wolverines drove the ball up the court, but failed to make a shot as well. With the defensive play from both SE and Kress, both teams found it hard to score, ending the quarter with a score of 3-5 and Lady Roos in the lead.

“First quarter came, and it was a really low scoring game,” Goodman said. “I didn’t have that many points in the first quarter. I had some fantastic passes. However, we weren’t finishing passes, and we weren’t finishing shots. As the game went on, though, we progressed a little bit more.” 

Durning 2nd quarter the Lady Wolverines catch up to the Lady Roos, this quarter consisted of a bunch of steals on Kress. With this, the quarter ended with a score of 17-12 with the Lady Wolverines in the lead. Older brother and fan of the Lady Wolverines, Joshua Samaron, had something to say. 

“When it comes to sticking together as a team,” J. Samaron said. “They did a really good job because there were times where they were down by 5 like a minute or like 30 seconds left in a quarter and they kept their heads in the game. They always stay focused the whole time and that is what is also going to help them win games, staying focused and locked in.” 

The 3rd quarter was where Kress tried to catch up to the Lady Wolverines; their efforts got them close to passing them. This quarter ended with a score of 21-20, the Lady Wolverines barely still winning. 

“I think we could definitely work on blocking out more,” E. Samaron said. “That’s always our problem, that we’ll fix it and we’ll work on it and we’ll get better, but definitely blocking out in defense is definitely our problem right now.” 

The 4th quarter was a quarter to watch, both sides were cheering on their players hoping on team with get ahead of the other. Both teams fought each other hard and made some shots that the crowd thought was phenomenal. The quarter ended in a tie of 32, both teams excited to go into overtime. 

“Going into overtime always gives you adrenaline,” Goodman said. “You got this far you know, why not finish it out? You can’t lose a game in overtime that’s just embarrassing, so we went out there and showed what we had and we pulled the game out.” 

Overtime started with Kress getting the ball, but before they could make any shots Goodman managed to steal the ball away and make a 3-pointer. This final quarter was a spectacular way to end a game, the end score was 42-38 the Lady Wolverines took the win. 

“I felt pretty good especially after they came up with clutch free throws,” J. Samaron said. “The free throws helped them go into overtime, I thought that they were getting a good momentum in and that they were going to go into overtime, which they did just that.”