Band Spring Concert



Saxophone and sheet music

Braileigh Goe, Writer

Springlake Earth high school band will perform their spring concert on May 9th in the auditorium. 

“The band has worked really hard on this[concert],” band teacher Herbert Herrerra said. 

The band will play 4 pieces in the concert, including Pirates of the Carribean, Encanto, Engines of Resistance, and Zeus. 

“Since it’s Gabi’s last concert, I’m excited to perform with her one last time, especially with these pieces,” freshman and younger sister Lizzy Garca said. 

Senior Gabi Garcia has been looking forward to her last spring concert since the end of concert season. 

“I love showing the skills that we [the band] have to the community,” G. Garcia said. “I feel like the Herreras chose music that shows off our skillsets.”  

The band will perform their last concert of the year at 7PM on Tuesday, showcasing the skills they have been building all year. 

“I’m excited for this band concert,” L. Garcia said. “It’s a great way to celebrate the end of the school year.”