Wolverines Walk-Off a Tie Into Victory


Sarah Weldon

The SE Wolverines are currently sitting 5-1 in their district.

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

Defending a district title, the Springlake-Earth Wolverines took on the Crosbyton Chiefs at home last Friday, March 31, in a seesaw game that ended due to a high-pressure walk-off single.  

“It was a very great game, and the tension to the game was up because we had to win it,” Junior Matthew Garza said. “I think if we lost it, we lost district.”  

If the Wolverines had lost to the Chiefs a second time, there would have been no way for the Wolverines to recover. The boys had to bring all the lessons they had learned in previous games and leave everything on the field.  

“It is very obvious how much better they get every game,” parent Michael Mosqueda said. “That was a tough game where they had to stay mentally focused, and they did it.” 

The Wolverines stayed ahead of the Chiefs until the top of the third inning, where the Chiefs took the lead 7-8.  

“The best hit I had was when I brought Alex in because I tied up the game,” Garza said. “We had two outs when I tied up the game, and not going to lie, I thought we were going to lose.” 

In the fifth inning, Springlake-Earth scored 5 runs which took the score from 14-8 to 14-13 although Crosbyton was still up in the game. The offensive onslaught was heralded by senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Xavyer Mosqueda and Matthew Garza, and freshman Froylan Agundiz.  

“Matt pitched great,” M. Mosqueda said. “I’ve coached Matt since he was young, and he’s come a long way. I’m proud to see him pitching like he is.” 

Garza, who was the second pitcher, had an entire no-strike inning. Out of the 12 batters Garza faced in two innings, he only allowed 3 hits and 2 runs.  

“We held the tie for an inning and a half,” Garza said. “It was bottom of the seventh when X hit the inside-the-park homer that brought Alex in and ended the game.”  

Thanks to a walk-off single that broke the tie, Alvarez was carried home and the intense game was finished. Throughout the whole game, Mosqueda and junior Slade Beerwinkle led the team in hits, with Mosqueda hitting 3 dingers and Beerwinkle 2.  

“Xavyer’s walk-off was exciting,” M. Mosqueda said. “It looked like it was out and then it was fair; It felt good to see him do that.” 

Currently, the Wolverines are sitting 5-1 in the district and have an excellent shot at bringing home the Golden Glove and district title.  

“It was good to get a game against them and hopefully have a run at district champs,” X. Mosqueda said.