Wolverines Take the Whirlwinds by Storm


The four seniors on the baseball team

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The Wolverines rained down on the Whirlwinds this past Tuesday at the Earth baseball field. With a battle on the home plate, SE would come to tighten the grip on their bats to steal the win with a score of 13-12. Fans, coaches, and the players are wild about their win and extremely excited to further their season once more. The Wolverines will face O’Donnell on May 5 in their first playoff game of the season.

“After bringing home the district title for the first time in years, it was an even greater accomplishment to beat Floydada and advance to the playoffs,” 8th grader and team manager Hannah Alvarez said. “It’s exciting, and I’m proud of the team and their performance!”

Beating Floydada before, the Wolverines were prepared to face them again.

“Previously playing them, they were able to gather the information and tools they needed to win,” Alvarez said. “They knew what they needed to do to beat Floydada, and they let that give them more confidence going into the game.”

After being so close in score, there was some nervous energy among the stands, but the team remained calm and continued to believe in their teammates and themselves in order to pull out a win.

“We kept our confidence and didn’t let the close score badly affect our game,” senior player Evan Deleon said. “My teammates went out there and showed that they deserved to win. I’m proud.”

Despite the win, however, the team knows that there are some areas that need improvement and some little mistakes were made on the field.

“One thing that I definitely think that they could improve on is defense,” Alvarez said. “It’s tough because we are in situations where our defense is crucial, and we struggle in that area. If we can greatly improve our defensive play, then we are going to be much better in later games.”

Leading into next week, all of the players and coaches are capitalizing on practice, focusing on those improvements and bettering themselves in hopes of continuing further into the season.

“Personally, I didn’t have my best game, but I’m making sure that I’m doing what I need to do in practice to better myself,” Deleon said. “My teammates are doing the same, and if we keep it up, we will go far this season.”

It has been several years since the Wolverines have made it this far in the season, and the Wolverine Nation is ready to see what they can pitch on the field against O’Donnell.

“I’m very proud of them, and I can’t wait to see them do great in the playoffs,” fan Coach Royal said.