Wolverines Knock Down Jayton Jaybirds

Braileigh Goe, Writer

 The Wolverines took on the Jayton Jaybirds Tuesday night and came home with a winning score of 23-9. Jayton was one of many district games, and the boys pulled through and brought home a winning team. 

“We went in there with a good mindset, pretty confident that we were going to do good against them,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said. “We came off a pretty good game against Crosbyton, so we knew that all we had to do was just pitch good and the hitting would just take care of itself.” 

This mindset led them to success over Jayton. Even though the wind was picking up in Floydada, the boys stayed strong and worked hard with their offense. 

“I knew the offense was going to have the upper hand because if you’re playing defense, you hit the ball, and that wind took it, you were going to be in trouble,” parent and spectator Marlana Tanaro said. 

The boys stopped Jayton defensively, coming out of the 4th inning with 13-1. 

“Tyler pitched the first 3-5 innings and kept the score 13-1,” M. Tanaro said. “And when [Jayton] would hit, defense came in and took care of it. They played really well as a team.” 

Since Jayton is only a first-year team, the Wolverines knew that Jayton wasn’t going to be very sound offensively, and it made the Wolverines confident in how they played. 

“We had Tyler pitching really good, and we were just all around hitting really good,” Mosqueda said. 

Even though the wind was blowing up dirt in everyone’s faces, the Wolverines pushed through. 

“We did good,” Tyler Tanaro said. “I think we could have done better hitting, but we fielded pretty good. We tried our best.”

They are looking to continue to show up and do their best as district play continues.