One-Act Goes to Bi-District


The whole one act team during awards.

For the second consecutive year, the Springlake-Earth One-Act troupe advanced out of district and earned the opportunity to compete at Bi-District. This year, the Bi-District competition was held in Hereford and was composed up of six schools, with only three advancing to Area. Among these schools was Happy in first place, SE came in at second, and Adrian followed with third. In addition to second place overall, senior Oscar Flores, junior Lynnsey Mahler, and freshman Lizzy Garcia made Honorable Mention with freshman Kyleigh Kennedy making All-Star Cast.

In order to get the wins, however, the day had to start early in the morning and off to a rough start.

“We woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and drove to Hereford to stand outside in the cold for an hour to wait for the contest manager,” junior Emma Stevenson said.  “We were cold and really frustrated.”  

After waking up early and spending time on a bus, the kids started to set up and prepare for their act.  

“We had a couple setbacks, and we were kind of nervous,” junior Emma Samaron said.  

Having confidence is very important with this competition, but looking forward to the performance and not focusing on the mistakes is crucial.  

“A lot of us felt like we did bad for our performance. Our acting was good but several little things went wrong, and we were disappointed,” Mahler said.  

Working hard and leaving it all on the stage is helpful. The team choose to put in their all, and that helped them in the end.  

“They started the show not feeling great. The kids thought they did terrible. I thought their bi-district was a good performance. They showed growth even though it was only one week later,” director Cassi Furr said.  “To see them put on a good show despite all the obstacles, I was proud. It takes a lot to do theater, and it’s hard to ignore the bad parts.”  

The actors knew that their placement at Bi-District would not have been possible without the long practices.

“We had practiced all the time; it felt like I would eat, sleep, and breath theater. It paid off in the end,” Samaron said.  

The team practiced every day and extra on Mondays. They spent a long time putting in all the finishing touches and making changes to the show.    

“The day was forever long, but everyone tried their hardest and preserved throughout the entire day,” Stevenson said.  

After spending so much time together, they have formed a bond with each other and are excited to continue their acting journey beyond bi-district as a family.

“I’m really excited to compete at area for the first time in my one act career,” Mahler said, “and it’s time to go show what we learned!”