A Tragic Loss

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

The Dalhart community has recently faced an unfortunate and tragic loss that has carried an impact across the entire state of Texas, and one that has reached the students, teachers, and staff members at Springlake-Earth.

On the afternoon of February 13th, the parents of Preston Ralston received the phone call that every parent prays they never have to answer. A homeschooled student had driven to Dalhart High School to pick up three Dalhart students that would accompany him to lunch, one of these students being Ralston. However, their plans quickly turned into tragedy. As the three students jumped into the vehicle, a firearm that had been loaded with ammunition discharged, wounding Ralston. After being fatally shot, Ralston, at the age of 15 years old, was pronounced dead, leaving a community to grieve his loss.

After hearing of such a terrific story, one student at Springlake-Earth knew she must take action and help in anyway that she could. Through National Honor Society, junior Grace McIver will be collecting donations that will be forwarded in its entirety to the parents of Preston Ralston.

“Being able to help out makes me happy because I’m doing something to help them a little so that they’re not worried about expenses. I’m extremely saddened by the loss of a student, and no one should go through that,” McIver said

Donations will be collected up until March 9th. Any donation for the Ralston family will be greatly appreciated and will help uplift the family through this troubling time. The Springlake-Earth community is praying for the family and the individuals impacted by this loss.