S-E Competes at SALE


Alan Been

Bryleigh, Reiner, and Braighleigh prepping for the show

Emma Stevenson, Writer

Throughout the month of February, multiple students in Springlake-Earth’s FFA program traveled to San Antonio to compete in various events that they worked the whole year to prepare for.  Many had stellar results; however, everyone who competed learned more about their animals, their event, and other important life aspects. 

“They learned the importance of responsibility,” teacher and show parent Sarah Weldon said. “They learn to care for something other than themselves. They learn about the agony of defeat and the glory of success.”

Junior Taytum Goodman, sophomore Brailiegh Goe, freshman Reiner Goe, and sixth grader Bryleigh Hall all have learned those lessons themselves with showing their goats, but they have found great fun in competing at San Antonio.

“Showing goats is always fun,” Goodman said. “When I go to San Antonio, I enjoy getting to see all the people that I compete against, and the atmosphere of the show is always fun.” 

After goats, the Goes stayed to show their sheep with Braileigh advancing and making the sale.  

“I was happy that I made the sale,” B. Goe said. “I thought I should have had a higher placing than I did, but I was just happy to be fortunate enough to have even made the sale.” 

Following the Goes, Slade, Saige, and Sloane Beerwinkle headed down to the River City with their cattle insert placing.

“I was very happy with how we did but thought we could have done better,” S. Beerwinkle said. “We just need to breed for better heifers and not feed them as much.”

When the cattle exited the ring, it was time for the pigs and their handlers to enter. Senior Halee Toscano, juniorTaytum Goodman, sophomores Grace Henson, Kinze Henson, and Alix Campos, freshmen Jessica Mendoza, Ethan Mosqueda, and Riley Ball, sixth graders Bryleigh Hall and Easton Bradley, and fifth grader Myla Mosqueda all stepped up, ready to impress the judges. Unfortunately, none of them made it to the ring, but they did their best and finished strong, enjoying the experience along the way.

“Even though none of us made it to the ring, we still got to enjoy the experience,” Goodman said.

To wrap up for Springlake-Earth at San Antonio, junior Emma Stevenson and sixth grader Jenna Stevenson competed in the Commercial Steer Show where they were graded based on how their steers performed, how well they did on a written test, and how well they delivered a four minute speech about the cattle industry. Out of the 78 contestants, Emma finished in 13th place with Jenna following close behind in 21st place. Overall, Springlake-Earth had a great time at San Antonio, and each and every contestant is anxious to start preparing for next year.  

“I love going to the San Antonio stock show; it’s a show I get to see all my show friends that I don’t get to see around here,” Goodman said. “I also got some funny stories out of it. I will be looking forward to it next year.”