SEHS Choir Competes in Solo & Ensemble


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Lizzy Garcia, Writer

The SEHS choir group traveled last weekend to compete for the chance of attending state solo and ensemble. Unfortunately, the choir did not advance; however, the Springlake-Earth community is proud of the effort given by each and every individual, especially choir director Katherine Herrera.

“They did really well, especially since many of them are really young singers,” Herrera said. “It was great to hear them. I saw a lot of confidence growth over our preparation, and then, their performance was just really good, especially for how much experience they had.” 

Previously being an all-girl choir, the group welcomed their first boy this year, senior Oscar Flores, who was prepared to compete at the choir event. 

“I’m used to singing in front of people and just talking in front of people. I think what made it different is that it was just me and the judge. I think that was the only difference about it, but when it comes to speaking and just singing in front of people, I can handle it,” Flores said. “I sing for my church, and I do debate and all that, so overall, it was the same.” 

SEHS’s choir is only two years old, so it is still a new experience for many. However, for junior Grace McIver, it was an experience that she got used to fast. 

“It was nerve-wracking, but being the only person that has done it before kind of helped me be able to show the girls and Oscar what to do,” McIver said. “It was fun, but scary at the same time.” 

Since the summer, SEHS had a choir director change. While Herrera studied choir as a part of her degree, it was her first year to actually teach a choir group, and thus far, it has been a rewarding experience.

“When you get your degree, you study it, but studying it and then actually doing it are two different things. I get nervous because you know I want to make sure that I am doing all the right things for them,” Mrs. Herrera said. “I’m just making sure that I do everything to give them the right tools and the right information, so they can grow and that I’m not the reason that they are being held back. Just seeing that growth as we go and seeing that they enjoy it more than they thought, has been really cool to watch.” 

Many of the choir felt like their performances were close to being the best that they could give. 

I only thought my performance was pretty good, but I think that I had done better before that,” Flores said. “I think I could have gotten the one, but I think I was a little nervous because it was my first time singing for choir in front of someone. Overall, I’m proud of it since it was my first year and the last.” 

The choir has taught the students valuable lessons that they will never forget and will continue to teach them in meaningful ways.

“I’ve learned to try my best to get along with other people that I don’t naturally like,” McIver said. “And I’ve learned that even though I might not believe I’m the best, I need to try like I am the best just because the other people in choir might not understand the point of choir.”