What is Easter Day?



Easter Day

Rosie Hernandez

Easter is the day family gets together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred three days after Jesus was crucified. On this day, families celebrate by having Easter egg hunt which resembles new life and rebirth.

“It’s important to me because Jesus Christ had gone to heaven for us to have eternal life,” sophomore Marisela Rodriguez said.

The symbolism behind Easter eggs being hidden is to represent the resurrection of Christ and the empty shell for Jesus’ tomb.

“Easter to me means the rise of Jesus and spending time together. My family has always celebrated it with family and doing a huge Easter egg hunt,” senior Melany Vidales said.

The Easter bunny and Easter eggs originated as a symbol of spring and rebirth. Eggs were formerly forbidden food during lent, so people would paint and decorate them.

“Easter for me means the resurrection of Jesus Christ and spending time with family and being thankful for that day,” teacher Katrina Garcia said.

The empty tomb is a representation that the power of God will one day transform the world into a place of peace, justice, and righteousness.

“Easter day is usually filled with joy, so it really lets me appreciate how much Jesus truly gave up for us in order for us to be this happy on Earth and throughout our lives,” senior Gabi Garica said.

Despite the great fun there is to be had on Easter day, the meaning behind why people celebrate in the first place is where value can be found and what makes the holiday so special for many.

“I think the meaning behind Easter and the value to our faith it holds is crucial to understand and appreciate. For all of our sin, Jesus was crucified,” senior Annabelle Anchondo said. “Especially in today’s society, I think we are all quick to disregard the people that seek our forgiveness, but forgiveness was plentiful in the eyes of Jesus. He died for our sins and rose from the grave, redeeming us of our sin and ultimately overcoming the death he had faced for it. Understanding the value in that, as a young child or older adult, just makes Easter and that time spent with loved ones much more special.”