The Wolverines Take the Bi-District Win

The Wolverines Take the Bi-District Win

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverines took on Spur for their first playoff game at Lockney and are bi-district champs.  The game started off with Spur scoring, and the Wolverines trailing. After that, however, it was anyone’s game. The Wolverines took the lead and brought back the win. 

“The first half was kind of slow until we got our momentum,” junior Alejandro Gonzales said. “It was a new team, and we were just trying to see how they were different.” 

A little into the 3rd quarter, Gonzales knew it was the Wolverines’ game to win. 

“It’s the playoffs. We were nervous, so we started off slow,” Gonzales said. “When we took the lead, it hyped us up and gave us more confidence, especially when we ran the ball.” 

The game was so back and fourth that the stands were more hyped then ever.

“It was a roller coaster of emotions, for sure,” parent and cheer sponsor Melissa Alvarez said.

The Wolverines will play Nazareth for their next playoff game in Petersburg tonight. 

“One thing about us playing Nazareth is that I want to try to 45 them,” Gonzales said. 

One supporter of the boy’s football team also had some words to say for the players and coaches as they prepare for their next playoff game. 

“I believe the Wolverines are going to win, and I also believe if the boys eat oranges before the game, they will win by even more,” junior Matthew Garza said.