Tough Loss for the Wolverines

The JV team in a huddle preparing for their next play in the game.

Lizzy Garcia

The JV team in a huddle preparing for their next play in the game.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

The JV Wolverine team travelled to Whitharral Saturday night to go against the Panthers. The Wolverines played good with a few missed plays that caused the team to lose with a final score of 26-0. The Panthers managed to keep the Wolverines down the whole game, but the Wolverines kept playing their hardest throughout.

“We could have done better,” Freshman Joshua Tovar said.

Even though Tovar knows that he played his hardest and tried his best to tackle other players, he still believes that there was definite room for improvement. With that being said, the Wolverines will take what they learned from this game and better themselves in a way that will allow growth during the rest of the season. Despite the loss, there were good things seen on the field.

“I thought they played well together, and stuck up for each other,” spectator and parent Marlana Tanaro said. 

Tanaro thoroughly enjoyed watching the team play. Freshmen Hannah Alvarez also attended the game to take pictures for yearbook and cheer on her friends. 

“We could have done some things better,” Alvarez said, “but it was also our first game.” 

The JV team will continue to reach new goals and improve throughout the year. The boys will continue to work extremely hard and keep their heads up. JV Wolverines will have another game this Friday against Valley at 5:30.

“They played hard. They are learning new things, and they got it down really fast,” Coach CJ Castillo said. “I feel like they will improve well, as long as we keep practicing hard.”