Panthers Tackle the Wolverines

First Varsity Game Ends in Defeat


Sarah Weldon

Senior Micah Sanchez, junior Gavin Villanueva, senior Alex Alvarez senior Roel Fuentas, junior Alejandro Gonazles, junior Slade Beerwinkle

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverines had a tough loss last Friday against Whitharral, but the loss served as a learning experience for coaches and players. Now, they are preparing for their next game. 

“I think the first game of the season went pretty well,” Head Coach James Ball said. “I wish the outcome would have been better. We had a lot of bright spots in spite of other things that we could not control on the field.” 

Senior Jerry Gallegos, one of the varsity players, also had comments on how he thought the first game of the season went. 

“I think it went pretty good. I feel like we got cheated by the refs a lot, but overall, it was a pretty good game,” Gallegos said. 

Despite the refs, Gallegos saw things he and his team can improve on. 

“We need to block better, get on our routes better, and throw sooner,” Gallegos said. 

Coach Ball also spoke about things the team can improve on. 

“We are open to improving on blocking and a little bit more execution overall on offensive,” Coach Ball said. 

Despite the loss, the team did make great connections and executions on the field during some of their plays.

“Definitely our defense was really good,” Gallegos said. 

Looking farther into the season, Coach Ball had a comment. 

“I was pretty happy with this game,” Coach Ball said, “but I think we can be a lot better.”

The Wolverines will face Valley this Friday at home, and let’s just say the Wolverines are looking forward to it. 

“Redemption. We want redemption from losing our first game,” Gallegos said.