Power of Words

Book into a new world.

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Book into a new world.

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

Words weave in and out, to form complex, beautiful images and scenes. They hold the power to change all that is wrong and build up a world of complete tranquility. They can speak of injustice or speak of peace. At the hand of a writer, these words are a powerful force to be reckoned with. At the hand of a speaker, they are a flowing river of courage, and the feeling of all that is right. Writers and speakers hold a rightful amount of influence and have the power to change the world. 

One of the greatest and most prominent example of how a speaker can change the world, is Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “I Have a Dream.” His words sparked a movement and united people to fight for freedom. It is impossible to know how the African American people would have gotten their freedom without him, but it is most likely it would have taken a much longer time. He set an example and created a turning point that made people realize the flaws in the past ways of the country. Martin Luther King Jr. created a beautiful symphony of words that played a major role in changing an entire country. His influence helped free an entire race of people in America. Present day writers and speakers have the same power to create change as much as him, and have the influence to make sure it is done rightfully so. 

Current day writers, for example at our very own school, Springlake-Earth, get the chance and have the ability to create influence and share it with their peers. People in the journalism class in high school get to write original pieces, and have them published, for all the public to view. These pieces hold opinions and share the views of the student body. These pieces also help teach and inform the rest of the student body and school. Students have the chance with their writing to create a movement of words that can influence possibly the entire world. These writers are prepared for society after school and are gifted with the power to do great things with words. Even as beginner writers, and not yet people of “real” society, they hold an influence unlike someone who does not write. 

A writer’s role in society should not be underestimated. Writers use their viewpoints and knowledge to pass on information and share wisdom. They share meaningful and impactful words with their audience. Writers can create a piece that breathes hope, lifts spirits, redeem feelings, and creates a strength unlike anything else. Writer’s writing, and speaker’s speaking, contributes a lot to society. They have the power through their words to educate, illuminate, and heal the mind. There is a clear passion for words, and that passion passes on to readers. Writers and speakers have the world in hand, and shape that world into an amazing unity of ideas and thoughts. 

People who use words to make their points more than an average person would, such as speakers and writers, hold a lot of control, guidance, and leadership for the world. Those with the power of words are the most influential people in the universe. A reader, whether they know it or not, is always impacted and forever changed by a piece of writing or a speech. Let there be no mistake, writers and speakers have the world in hand.