SE Lady Wolverines Kicking It at Mae Simmons


Sydney Furr

Varsity Girls at Mae Simmons

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

This past Saturday, the Lady Wolverines competed in the Lubbock ISD Invitational Cross-Country meet at Mae Simmons to prepare for the upcoming district meet, but Tea2Go was not the only thing they brought home.  

“This weekend was awesome and I think we did amazing. We got first place as a team which leaves us in a great spot for competitions later on,” said longtime cross country runner and junior Emma Samaron. “The weather was way too hot to be running in because it was in the middle of the day, but that didn’t stop us.” 

Despite the stifling heat and minimal breeze, these ladies gave it their all and brought home astonishing results.  

“Our team did really good,” said junior and two-time state champ Taytum Goodman. “This is also the second year in a row we have won that meet”.  

Most competitors dread Mae Simmons because of its daunting hills, but T. Goodman, who placed first at the meet, only sees it as a good time.  

“I love that course, so every time we have a meet there, I am ready and excited,” said T. Goodman. 

Freshman Aabriella Villanueva shares T. Goodman’s affinity for the sport.  

“I love Cross Country,” said Villanueva. “It helps with basketball, but I’m here for the love of the sport.” 

Villanueva, placing second at Mae Simmons, fought hard and delivered an amazing accomplishment at the meet.  

“Our first meet I didn’t get to finish because of my Asthma, so it was a great comeback to get second at Mae Simmons,” said Villanueva. 

The girls outperformed expectations at this meet, which was one of the biggest this year, but they still have some improvement to make before District.  

I’ve seen improvement from the whole team. We just have to keep pushing ourselves; We only go up from here for Cross Country.

— Freshman Aabriella Villanueva

“I’ve seen improvement from the whole team. We just have to keep pushing ourselves,” said Villanueva. We only go up from here for Cross Country.”

Samaron shared similar sentiments, highlighting one of the girls’ particular weaknesses.  

“I personally think we really need to work on going up and down hills with less of a struggle because there is a huge one at Mae Simmons and that is what most everyone dreads about it,” said Samaron. 

The Lady Wolverines have two more meets until district and they are working hard to improve and earn their place at the top.  

“In the last couple of weeks, they have really seemed to buy in. I’ve got a few stepping up that are really working hard,” said Coach Jerri Goodman. “They just have to keep working hard.” 

The ladies are putting in the hours, and the miles, to be competitive and showcase pride and dignity in our school. 

“They know when they put that jersey on, they are representing me and the school. I think they do a good job of doing that,” said J. Goodman.  

The girls compete today in Amarillo. Go cheer them on and support our Lady Wolverines!