Wolverine Spotlight: Tyler Tanaro


Dillon Jones Photography

Timothy, Marlana, Trent, and Tyler Tanaro posing for a family photo.

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

Being a leader does not always mean that one’s role modeling, hard work, and dedication to being a Wolverine is easily identifiable. It is the quiet and undercover leaders that prove to be some of the best at Springlake-Earth, and more so when the actions and attitudes of these leaders go above and beyond to be the best Wolverine they can be.

Sophomore Tyler Tanaro is one of these very individuals, and one noticed by several in the Springlake-Earth community. Through his extracurriculars, including football, baseball, debate, and UIL academic events, Tyler does whatever is necessary of demonstrating Wolverine spirit and working hard to excel and help others to succeed in the activities they participate in.

“He’s dedicated, and he really is kind-hearted,” mother, teacher, and debate coach Marlana Tanaro said. “I don’t know that he wants people to know that about him, as he looks like he could be like this tough person. He’s very tender-hearted, and he is very humble most of the time.” 

Tyler has become a valued part of Springlake-Earth High School by students and teachers alike. 

“He’s involved in a variety of things, and he is consistently an excellent student,” aunt and teacher Melissa Ramon said. “I think he is very dedicated to his studies, and he applies himself in his different interests.” 

Leadership qualities are an important part of being a Wolverine, qualities Tyler does not lack. 

“What leadership means to me is doing things that no one else is willing to do, such as having integrity, helping others as often as possible, and just doing the right thing, and working hard,” Tyler said. 

In true Wolverine manner, Tyler has a rare way of influencing people. He has the ability to make anyone around him a better person. 

Sophomore Tyler Tanaro (Dillon Jones Photography)

“I hope to inspire people by just being me. Going through my day and working hard all the time is what I do, and I hope people see this and take action in their own lives,” Tyler said. “Not many people want to be a leader. They don’t want to take it that far and work harder than everyone else. They are good with being average, and I am not.” 

Tyler has a mission to be the best he can be all the time.   

“You don’t have to remind him to take care of his business. He knows what he’s supposed to do, and he takes care of it,” principal Cindy Furr said. “That is a good quality.” 

Tyler is a good example of what a Wolverine should be by staying determined and ready to take on all that life holds. 

“He will give it his all, even though he may hate it or just not like it,” peer and close friend Lynnsey Mahler said. “He’s just a really good person, and a great kid to be around.”