Sandals or Flipflops


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Woman walking through environmental vegetation in yellow sandals.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

When anyone is relaxing, they would want comfortable shoes that are good for relaxation. The two major options are flip-flops and sandals; these two kinds of shoes are great options to choose from. 

One is better than the other and the better option is sandals.  

Sandals are good for a lot of terrains while flip-flops are only good for smooth terrains. Sandals have more support when walking on rough terrain and make foot cramps happen less than what you would get when wearing flip-flops. Having support for walking on different terrains is a very important factor for shoes in general. 

They are less likely to break when wearing them. Many flip-flops are made from low-quality foam that is very easy to tear if stepping on a rock or a pointy object. Sandal soles can be made from rubber, leather, wood, tatami, or rope that are hard to tear through when stepping on a pointy object. These make sandals trustworthy to wear for long periods of time when traveling. 

Sandals are more comfortable to wear than flip-flops. Since many flip-flops are made from foam at the start, they feel comfortable, but soon become incredibly uncomfortable to the wearer. Sandals soles are made from higher quality objects and on top of the soles, there can be a good quality foam to comfort the foot. The foam that can be used in sandals is much better than the quality foam in flip-flops. 

Yes, flip-flops can be easier to put on or are good for water activities that require taking off shoes and then putting them back on. But besides these few qualities that they have it doesn’t compare to the many qualities sandals have that are better than flip-flops. 

Flipflops are not good shoes to wear when it is hot, but instead, sandals are the better shoes to wear in hot weather. People should invest more into sandals than flip-flops to have better quality and comfort.