Matching or Unmatched?


Lizzy Garcia

Matched socks vs. Mismatched socks

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

There are many kinds of socks that people can wear, whether they be matched or mixed up. The many opinions on this are not impactful, but is important to some. 

Socks should be mismatched for good reasons. 

Matching socks are boring with no personality to them unless someone has themed ones. If no one buys the themed matching socks, then there is no fun to them. Mismatched socks give people personality, make them seem like their fun to be around, and will make sure that no one is bored. Matching socks give off a vibe of seriousness, especially if they are black or grey. 

Furthermore, people can have whatever they want on these socks and mix them up to make a funny pair. At school there are dress codes, but how would socks apply to the dress code if no one can see them at all. No one would go around showing off their socks, so no one would see their socks, but if someone does show off their socks, they would probably just tell their friends who wouldn’t tell on them. The funny pair can just be a joke for the person only and maybe it will brighten up their day knowing that they could have the best socks on. 

Additionally, when anyone does laundry and has matching socks, they have to find those socks and rematch them, but when you wear mismatched socks, they don’t have to worry about that. When looking for socks anyone could just grab two random socks and don’t have to worry much about taking time to find the right socks. When rushing to places or leaving places they don’t have to worry about the socks they get and get to the place they need. 

Though if anyone wears matching socks, it makes them seem neat and put together even if no one sees the socks. Yes, mismatched socks can be a fast way to get ready, but when wearing matching socks, it means the person is going to be on time and doesn’t have to worry about being late to anything.  

That is why, socks should be mismatched. Don’t people want to seem cooler or funnier and not up tight and stiff. This is why people should not be scared or embarrassed to wear mismatched socks and just chill out.