Road Hazards: The Teenage Dream


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Picture of a car driving down the road

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

Around the world, underage driving has become more prominent. Some teenagers and preteenagers have started driving motor vehicles without proper licensing and titling, especially in rural areas. In Texas, the minimum a person can drive, with a learner’s permit and adult figure in the car, is 15 years of age.  

Underage driving is an issue that should never occur, no matter the amount of responsibility a driver has. 

It is important that only qualified and licensed drivers of the legal age, or over, are allowed to operate a motor vehicle. In March of 2021, a 13-year-old underage driver was driving when he hit another vehicle carrying seven people. The seven people (a driver, and six golf boys going to a competition) all died in the accident, along with the 13-year-old boy.  All deaths and losses to these people’s families could have been avoided, if an underage person hadn’t decided to pick up a set of keys. Teenagers are too immature, most under or some at the legal age or driving, to get into a motor vehicle. 

Teenagers have a higher rate of fatal crashes because of their lack of experience and their lack of skills. Parents are an example of the bad influences by allowing their child, who is underage, to get into a motor vehicle. If parents would restrict their children from illegally driving vehicles, no matter a rural or city area, a lot less teenage fatalities would occur.  If a person can make the illogical decision to let their kids drive a car without proper training, then they can make the logical decision to stop those same kids.  

While it may be said that some kids have a higher maturity and responsibility level than others, to the law this is simply inconsequential. In Texas, if a minor is caught driving, they can get a fine not exceeding $2,000, confinement in jail of between 72 hours and 180 days, and driver license suspension for 900 days to 395 days. It would be a simpler option to not think a minor can be outside the law, and it would be easier just not to drive, no matter the circumstances.  

All in all, underage driving should not be something considered nor happening. No matter the size of an area, or town, it should not be a major issue that is happening. To protect your child, and ensure their safety, do not let your child drive underage.