Making the Par-fect Shots!

Golf Competitors Take Home District Titles


Sarah Weldon

Sophomore Tyler Tanaro, junior Xavyer Mosqueda, junior Slade Beerwinkle, senior Alex Alvarez, and junior Braden Bradley holding the District Championship plaque.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

After many afternoons, weekends, and summer days spent on the golf course, the Springlake-Earth boys golf team, including senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Xavyer Mosqueda, Slade Beerwinkle, and Braden Bradley, and sophomore Tyler Tanaro, packed their clubs and headed to Canyon’s Country Club to compete in this year’s district golf tournament. SE drove their way to a district championship and junior Taytum Goodman, being the only girl competitor this season, would also take home the District Runner-Up title!

“I love playing golf! Getting second at the district golf meet was really good. I was competing against the girl that won state last year, so me shooting that was not bad,” Goodman said. “Shooting a 100 feels really good, but a 99 would have sounded a lot better!”

Competing against Kress, Nazareth, Lazbuddie, and Happy, the boys and Goodman knew they could take home the wins.

“I think we’ve performed better than them every time,” Bradley said.

In addition to the championship, Beerwinkle was the Boys District Champion and overall medalist.

“I think Slade won us that tournament honestly,” Bradley said.

Despite the district titles and day’s success, the boys team know their scores could have been better.

“Our performance at district definitely wasn’t the best, but Canyon is also a difficult course with very fast greens,” Tanaro said. “We can do better most definitely.”

In fact, for some, their district performance was a let-down.

“I definitely didn’t perform as well as I should’ve,” X. Mosqueda said, “and I felt like I let myself as well as my team down.”

In 18 holes, Alvarez shot a score of 100, Mosqueda a 97, Beerwinkle an 89, Bradley shot a 111, and Tanaro finished off with a 100. With more time spent at the range and on the course, they are looking to improve by 5 to 10 strokes.

Junior Slade Beerwinkle wearing Boys District Champion medal. (Sarah Weldon)

“We didn’t do our best, but we still got district champions. So if we could each knock off 5 or 10 strokes each, we are going to do really well at regionals I think,” Alvarez said. “Everyone didn’t shoot their best at district, so we have room for improvement. We know we can do better at regionals.”

Even though each individual thought improvement was necessary, spectators were impressed by their golf game.

“They did great,” spectator and parent Michael Msoqueda said. “It was tough out there. And they grinded and stayed with it.”

Not only that, but the dedication and time put into improving themselves over the summer, on weekends, and after school at the range has been admirable.

“They are a true team. They are involved in so many other things, they don’t get practice time with the school. They call each other and find ways to get together to play on their own,” M. Mosqueda said. “They work hard for each other and care about each other. I think they will be ready and compete at a high level.”

Through the time spent on the course in their free-time, some have improved by over 20 strokes, which helped them to have a good enough score at district.

“I have personally been playing golf with Alex, my dad, and other teammates as well as by myself as many times as possible ever since the beginning of summer,” X. Mosqueda said, “and I have personally improved over 30 strokes.”

For some, the time spent on the course and golfing symbolizes a carried on tradition that they hope to continue, and it is what made the district titles so important.

“I play golf because my family has played golf for my entire life. Looking up to my uncles and my dad and grandpa who played next to them made me want to be just like them,” X. Mosqueda said,” but I think my main reason that I love to play golf is to carry on my grandma’s hopes for me to be a great golfer, and I always have that in mind.”

Being a senior and involved in the golf competition for many years, an advancement from regionals and trip to state would mean the world to Alvarez.

“Golf is probably one of my favorite sports to play, and it’s addicting because there is so much going into golf that you have to understand. There are all of these aspects that you have to consider, so it’s hard. The joke I always make is ,’I hate golf. Why do I play this sport?,’ but once I get a good shot, I’m like ‘what time am I going to be out here tomorrow?'” Alvarez said. “This year going into the regional meet, I hope that I can shoot a reasonable score. I hope that we can go to state, and all my teammates do good.”

Junior Taytum Goodman wearing the Girls District Runner-Up medal. (Sarah Weldon)

Even if state is not in the cards, the golfers hope to just better themselves along the way.

“I hope we do good enough to advance to state to play a nice course, and if we don’t, I want to feel like I got better as a golfer,” Tanaro said.

Despite the outcome at regionals, the Wolverine Nation is proud of the golf team’s performance thus far. The boys will be competing at Meadow Brooke golf course this upcoming Monday and Tuesday while Goodman will compete at Reese golf course. The boys, Goodman, and Coach Weldon are looking to bring home a regional title!

“This team has something special. They are fun, they are driven, hard-working, and have a desire to push to the limits and go where others haven’t,” Weldon said. “I’m super thankful I have gotten the opportunity to chauffeur these kids around this season and looking forward to even more!”