Senior Spotlight: Roel Fuentes

Senior Spotlight: Roel Fuentes

Taytum Goodman, Writer

In a few short days, Springlake-Earth will be saying goodbye to another class of graduates. One senior, who has been an SE student his entire life, has made an impression on the school that will not be forgotten.

Roel Fuentes is the son of Luis and Diana Fuentes and brother to SE alum Micky and current SE freshman Pops (Luis) Fuentes. He is also the uncle to Zias, who recently turned one. Throughout high school, Roel has been an active member of athletics, playing football for his entire SEHS career and earning recognition for his athleticism. To him, playing football was the best part of high school, and an aspect he found the most enjoyment in. It is the Friday night games, the feeling of being on the field, and the times shared with his teammates that he will miss the most as he ventures beyond the doors of Springlake-Earth.

“The one thing I’m going to miss about high school is probably football and all my friends that are underclassmen,” Roel said. 

Some of the underclassmen look up to Fuentes, and one of those individuals is junior Slade Beerwinkle. 

He is a little dude, but I will give it to him; he is fast for being so tiny,” Beerwinkle said.

For others, like senior Jerry Gallegos, they have personally gotten to know Roel on and off the field, and the friendship that resulted because of that will never be lost.

“He has a big nose, but I guess that won’t make me stop being his friend,” Gallegos said. 

There is always people and memories that one won’t forget about high school, and while he’s had a lot to remember in these few years, one memory will always resonate in his heart and bring back a time to laugh about.

“My favorite memory from high school is all the bus rides home after the football games,” Roel said.  “because something funny and crazy always happened.”

Outside of school, Roel loves enveloping himself within his hobbies. 

“When I’m not in school, I like to play my PS5 and hangout with my friends,” Roel said. 

After graduation, Fuentes already has most of his life planned out. 

“After high school, I plan on being a lineman, so I can cop a track hawk and hit Timo with it,” Roel said 

As a senior, Fuentes wants to leave a few words for some of his fellow underclassmen. 

“Timo, you can’t beat me in chess or Fortnite, and Slade your a lil boy,” Roel said.