Teacher Spotlight : Lea Ortiz


Leah Ortiz

A picture of Ortiz with her son

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

“I have always wanted to teach and coach here, just didn’t know when it would happen,” Lea Falcon Ortiz said.

Ortiz grew up in Olton, Texas with her father and mother, Junior and Alisse Falcon. She graduated from Springlake-Earth. She later graduated from Texas Tech in 2014 with a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science and an associate’s in science. She first taught elementary physical exercises in Slaton in 2014. Ortiz’s goal is to reach as many kids as she can, especially athletes. 

“I have always wanted to come back to Earth because athletics has always attracted me,”  Ortiz said.

 Ortiz was taught by Coach Been when going to school in Earth.  

“When we went against each other in Olton, we always had a good relationship.” Coach Ortiz said. “She is a role model for me.”  

Growing up with ambition to become a coach, many served as inspirations to become a teacher as well as a coach, but one in particular.

When talking about wanting to be a coach, Ortiz talked about a teacher who really inspired her.

“My junior high science teacher, Mrs. Jackson, showed us that she cared through the ways she was with us,” Ortiz said.  

For others looking forward to a career as an educator, Ortiz has one piece of advice.

“Go in it with a positive attitude,” Ortiz said. “Be the hope for all kids.” 

Ortiz is hopeful that she can and will inspire students to reach their goals and try their best at anything they can put their mind to. She wants to inspire students who want to be teachers to help them to reach their own goals.  

“It is a hard job, but it is a fun job,” Ortiz said. “Just know you are appreciated and keep pushing!”

Looking at the big picture, Ortiz just wants to accomplish one thing sepcifically. 

“I want to help students be good people,” Ortiz said. “That is the end goal overall.”