The Wolverines Take Down the Bucks

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverines traveled to White Deer last Friday to take on the Bucks. They played well and the energy in the stands was great as the Wolverines worked for a victory.

“The atmosphere at football games is always better when we are winning,” cheerleader Jenna Bridges said. 

The Wolverines started off strong in the first quarter with the score being 16-8.  Throughout the game, the Wolverines stayed in the lead with the score being 36-16 at the end of the second quarter.  The Wolverines and Bucks both scored in the third quarter making that the final score of the game 50-22 because neither team scored in the fourth. 

“In this game I feel like they did really good in the beginning and stayed that way,” spectator Marlana Tanaro said. “In the last games, it seems like they come back after half; even if they were down, they come back strong.” 

Not only is the game better for the boys when they are in the lead, but it also helps the cheerleaders out. 

“When we are winning the football players, stands, and band are all hyped up, so everyone is cooperating with us making us more hyped,” Bridges said. 

The Wolverines had a good game, but they also came out with some inquiries.  

“Anytime you have injuries, it affects the team, but I also think that it could affect them in a positive way by making the other boys step it up,” Tanaro said. 

Tanaro always tells her boys something before a football game that she shared for the team to read as well. 

“Even if they don’t listen, I always tell my boys to go out there and have fun, play as a team, and learn,” Tanaro said. 

Even though the Wolverines won there are always mistakes that were made, that the team notices and wants to fix.

“We should of 45ed them but we had a lot of mistakes,” Jonathon Jarmiollo said.  “That doesn’t matter though because we still went out there and got the job done.  We do not have a game this week, but we are defintly looking forward for the next weeks game.

All together, most people thought this game was a good one and maybe a stepping stone going into district. 

“This was a really good game because it was upbeat, and the boys really showed what they can do,” Bridges said.