Wolverine Spotlight: Abrie Escalante

Emma Stevenson, Writer

Springlake-Earth has been the home of the Wolverines since 1908, a total of 115 years. As long as the foundation has stood, success has been born within the walls of the high school and extended beyond the doors with every individual. From UIL academics to Friday night football, the students at SE have demonstrated their love and dedication to the place they call home.

However, a few find themselves going above and beyond to be the best Wolverine and representation of Springlake-Earth they can be. One of these individuals is senior Abrie Escalante. For her, being a Wolverine is so much more than attending school and participating in extracurriculars; it involves striving for personal success through strength and resilience.

“Being a Wolverine is about wanting to succeed and working hard to get that success,” A. Escalante said. “Wolverines are small but mighty, and our little school is way tougher than most people think.”  

Just like our school, Abrie is small but mighty, and she makes an impact in everything she participates in. Throughout Abrie’s high school career, she has participated in band, TAFE, and National Honor Society, where others have witnessed her Wolverine spirit.

“Abrie is an outstanding example of a Wolverine because she does all the LEAPS characteristics at 110% in everything everywhere,” teacher and NHS advisor Gwen Parish said. “It is like she has a mental filter about all her activities and makes sure everything is all the way to the top of the meter in every area. She is a hard worker in all her activities, both academic and extracurricular.” 

The reason that Abrie is such a light in all her activities is because of her ability to connect.  

“Abrie knows how to find things that she can relate to with other people easily,” eighth grader and sister Brianna Escalante said. “That helps her get along with people because people trust her, and she can trust them.” 

Abrie has left her mark on Springlake-Earth, and she will be greatly missed after she goes on to bigger things. However, the Wolverine spirit will not be lost with Abrie’s graduation; a spirit has been born in those around her, and her endless ability to be a stand-up Wolverine has been adopted by others.

“Students should strive to be more like Abrie because her level of dedication and commitment set her apart from and above the people who are just doing the minimum it takes to get by,” Parish said. “Abrie is going to accomplish great things in her future because she’s willing to do whatever it takes to meet and overcome challenges.”