The Wolverines Fight the Bulldogs


Lizzy Garcia

The Wolverines standing and watching the game.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

Varsity Wolverines bring home a great win Thursday night against the Amherst Bulldogs, with a final score of 16-46. The Wolverines did their best during the entire game and made sure to show the bulldogs who the bosses are. The fans could not be more proud of the Wolverines. 

While the first quarter came to an end with a score of 8-24, the Wolverines were hyped up and continued to play hard in order to bring home a win.

“We had good offense and defense,” Number 2, Froylan Agundiz said. “We also had good drives overall.”

At halftime, the Wolverines were still ahead of the Bulldogs, and they were still going to play with their all even if they were tired. 

“After the last couple games, they really came back and showed everyone what they’re capable of against Amherst,” spectator and fan Braileigh Goe said. “They were close to 45ing them though, but Amherst made that last touchdown. 

The Wolverine waving. (Lizzy Garcia)

During most of the third quarter, the score stayed the same, but the Wolverines stayed determined to win this game. Even if the score didn’t change a bit, the Wolverines knew that they were going to win. 

“We got our job done, and I’m looking forward to this week’s game,” number 12, JJ Jaramillo said.

The mighty Wolverines finished the game off with a score of 16-46. The crowd was so proud of their Wolverines. Let’s just say this win cheered up the Wolverines after the last couple of games.  

“I hope next game we can do what we did this game and just have a good season over all,” Agundiz said.