First District Game; First District Win


Micaela Fuentes

Senior Trace Goodman, headed to the end zone.

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverines played their first district match-up against the Petersburg Buffaloes. They took the win, 92-43. There were several players who played a excellent game including seniors Trace Goodman and Timothy Tanaro. The Wolverines will travel to Nazareth on Friday to compete against the Swifts.

Trace Goodman talked about what he thought about the game. 

“The game went good,” Goodman said. “We didn’t start off like we wanted to, but we 45’ed them in the 4th.” 

In the coaches’ eyes there were multiple outstanding plays on the offensive end. 

“I thought the offense was incredible, and I have a lot of weapons,” Coach Harley Ethridge said.  “There are things on defense that we will be addressing, and solving.” 

The Wolverines went 3 weeks without a game and players talked about how it affected the game.

“Going without 3 games put us a little behind in football, but now since we got this game in us we should be back on track.” Goodman said. 

Going into this week’s game the Wolverines are looking forward to a big win and also improvements from the win over Petersburg.

“I am ready to win,” Tanaro said.  “Last week to me the defense didn’t really have a good game, so I am ready to see what the defense has in store this week.”

The Wolverines are ready to take on the Swifts.  

“I am fired up,” Ethridge said.  “I feel like it is a state championship game.”