Senior Spotlight: Kani Holmes


Kani Holmes

Senior Kani Holmes

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

In a few short weeks, the twenty graduates of 2023 will walk across the stage and toss their caps in the air, signifying the end of their high school journey. However, it will also mark the beginning to what awaits each one of them beyond the doors of SEHS. For many, the teachers, staff, and community have watched them grow into the individuals they are today and one that will be unforgettable is senior Kani Holmes.

Kani Ann Holmes is the youngest daughter of Juanita and Guadalupe Gonzales, and sister to three, including Kara, Kobe, and Keshan. In her time at SE, Kani has been involved in several extracurriculars such as sports, UIL academics, band, and theatre, with sports being her favorite. Outside of school, she loves watching movies and working out. Next fall, Kani plans to attend Collin College in McKinney, TX, and earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From there, she hopes to become a registered nurse. 

While nursing is the path that Kani intends to pursue, it was not always the pathway she imagined taking. As a small child, she wanted to be a singer; however, as she got older, her love for sports opened up several doors of opportunity, and basketball became the dream.

Nursing was never the career path I thought I was going to take,” Holmes said. “It was always going to be basketball.”

As a freshman starting as a varsity player, Kani made All-District Team and helped her teammates to many wins, including one against Whitharral where she led the Lady Wolverines with 26 points, six rebounds, one assist, and one steal. Due to her commitment on the court and obvious desire to play, Kani received offers and scholarships from several colleges. At the time, it seemed that college basketball was the end goal.

I had lots of offers and scholarships, but it wasn’t God’s plan,” Holmes said. “Situations can make or break an athlete’s career, and that was the case for me. Now, I don’t even like the sport.”

Even though basketball proved to not be in the cards for her, being a part of athletics at Springlake-Earth taught Kani several life lessons, allowed her to create many memories she will cherish, and have opportunities she will always be thankful for.

“I will always love what I experienced in sports, like going to state in cross country and having the success that I did, but at the end of the day, like I said, it just wasn’t what God wanted me to do,” Holmes said. “Now, my fulfillment lies in nursing, and I plan to commit to that and do what it is that God wants me to do.”

Seniors Kani Holmes and Dereck Rosalez together. (Kani Holmes)

Kani is looking forward to her life beyond Springlake-Earth and is excited to see what her future holds in the years to come.

I am extremely excited to graduate, but I’m mostly excited to get out of Earth,” Holmes said. “I want to be somewhere far away from Earth within 10 years, and I see myself with a successful life and a happy family.”

No matter where her future takes her, she will be making sure to take part in three aspects life has to offer.

“I am going to be making money, following a path God places me in, and traveling the world,” Holmes said.

As graduation approaches, Kani knows the teachers will be the biggest element she will miss about SEHS. One that has had Kani in class and watched as she has made her way to a high school diploma, is wishing her the best as she ventures into college and life as an adult.

“She really is a good student. She always gets her work done and turned in,” teacher Katrina Garcia said. “She’s always making us laugh and keeps us entertained.”

Her peers, who have grown up with her since her time at Springlake-Earth, are sad to see her go, but they know the best awaits her.

“Kani and I got close through our brothers and Dereck, but we got even closer when we went to state cross-country together my freshmen year,” junior Taytum Goodman said. “There is not a day that me and her don’t make each other laugh. She is a fun person to be around to hang out with. She is a good friend.”

Making it to the stage in May will be Kani’s greatest accomplishment through her eyes, especially considering the determination it took throughout her high school career. While she found herself experiencing hardship, she hopes others remember her by her resilience to misfortune.

I want to be remembered as the kid that succeeded when everyone was against me,” Holmes said. 

She leaves one message to those to come after her, a lesson she learned herself and hopes to reveal to others.

Show up to school, I know you might think it’s dumb and pointless,” Holmes said, “but it will all pay off in the end! You got this!”