Wolverines Wrangle the Longhorns

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

The Wolverines faced the Lazbuddie Longhorns Tuesday evening and ended the night with a score of 86 to 29, a clear win for the varsity Wolverine boys.  

“I felt pretty confident in our ability to win,” Alex Alvarez said. “Our goals are to get better and find what we are missing. I hope we can learn from [the game], and soak in all the different lessons so we can take them with us into playoffs.” 

The game’s starters were senior Alex Alvarez, junior JJ Jaramillo, junior Isaiah Tovar, freshman Kaleb Castillo, and freshman Froylan Agundiz. The Wolverines ended the first quarter with a score of 22 to 2, a clear lead of 20 points. 

“I did good at seeing the court and getting passes off that were pretty good and finding the open players that were down in the post,” freshman Froylan Agundiz said. 

During the second quarter, the Wolverine remained and gained their lead, starting the third quarter with a score of 40 to 15. 

“Our strong points are the way we can score offensively. Once we hit a few shots, we get going and it’s dangerous to go against us,” senior Alex Alvarez said.  

The beginning of the third quarter was another strong start for the Wolverines, and the quarter ended with a score of 51 to 21. 

“Our press was working against them and if we can use that press against other team going forward, we will be in pretty good shape,” Agundiz said. “We need to execute our plays cleaner and sharper so it’s where the other team won’t expect what’s coming.” 

The team played very well in the end and worked together as a team. As the night came to an end, they remained strong and determined to win this game. 

“We need to focus and work on the things we need to do,” teacher Scott Royal said. “We don’t have to worry about what someone else is doing, but rather what we are doing. We need to focus on getting ready for the playoffs. Doing that, we can be pretty successful.” 

This game, the last of the home games, will be a launchpad of sorts for practicing for the playoffs. 

“My team needs to know to be humble and be hungry,” Alvarez said. “Once we win, I would like for them to be humble about it and stay hungry for more.”