Wolverines Hoop Over the Kangaroos

Junior JJ Jaramillo going in for a shot against Kress.

Yearbook Staff

Junior JJ Jaramillo going in for a shot against Kress.

Grace McIver, Writer

The Mighty Wolverines took on the Kress Kangaroos for the second time this season. After teamwork and perseverance, the Wolverines were able to capitalize in score, taking the win and getting one step closer to the play-offs.

To start off the game, senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Isaiah Tovar and JJ Jaramillo, and freshmen Kaleb Castillo and Froylan Agundiz positioned themselves on the court.

“Teamwork is very important in basketball, and at all times, everyone in the team needs to give it their all,” junior and fellow Lady Wolverine Taytum Goodman said.  

The game started off strong, with the Wolverines scoring 30 in the first quarter.

“They did a great job of using the attributes of each other because they are intertwined,” junior and spectator Braden Bradley said.

Communication ensured the Wolverines kept possession of the ball, executed plays correctly, and made good, strong passes. With the help of these aspects, the Wolverines were helped significantly in the second half.

“It is important to win, but in order to win, you have to communicate with your team,” teacher Katrina Garcia said. 

Working together and using all the strong parts of each player is important to how the boys played on the court. As their warmup shirts say, “Family working together through tough times.”

“If you want to win a basketball game, you always have to start strong and give it your all till the end,” Goodman said.

With exceptional teamwork, the Wolverines finished as one, united as a true family. They finished strong with a final score of 66-44, making the entire Wolverine Nation proud, and everyone is excited to see them advance throughout the season. 

“The boys are excited to keep going in the basketball game,” Bradley said.