The Wolverines Crush the Longhorns


Dillion Jones

Froylan Agundiz doing a jump shot.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

The varsity Wolverines took on the Hart Longhorns and won with a score of 72-44. The fans and teachers are proud of the Wolverines’ performance and for playing their best.

Starting off the game were starters senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Isaiah Tovar and JJ Jaramillo, and freshmen Froylan Agundiz, and Kaleb Castillo. 

“We take every team the same way no matter what, especially since it’s district now,” Tovar said. “Everyone’s competing and fighting for a playoff spot. Going against Hart, I felt like it was a great opportunity for us to find the flow and rhythm of our offense. The past games have seemed like we haven’t had an “offense,” and it’s been a struggle for us.” 

As the first quarter started, the ball was tossed to the Longhorns. There were a couple of incidents during the quarter where Hart would manage to steal the ball away from the Wolverines, but those steals didn’t result in a basket. However, both teams managed to get in a few points, and the quarter ended with a score of 15-9, Wolverines in the lead. 

“As a small team with like 8 players, there is no quitting. We fight hard for four quarters,” Agundiz said. “We never give up. When it comes down to it, we lock in and just lock in to win.” 

Second quarter started off with Agundiz drawing a foul and making both free-throw shots. The start seemed to make the Longhorns nervous because throughout the quarter, they were missing passes and shots. Towards halftime, the Longhorns tried to make a comeback, but they couldn’t catch up with the mighty Wolverines. The quarter ended with a score of 33-16.

“It was a good game, and we executed it well. They did things that we need to do to be successful,” teacher Scott Royal said. “What they’ve been doing has been enough. You can see with each game they’ve improved. Hopefully, we’ll get to the end of the season, and we’ll be playing in our peak.” 

JJ Jaramillo going for a lay-up. (Dillion Jones)

Fans and teachers were proud of how the game was going by halftime and felt like it could only get better for the Wolverines. Many were excited to see how the game would end.

“They’re rushing a little bit, but that’s just with the heat of the game. They’re going hard,” spectator Aabriella Villanueva said. “Their passes are pretty good, and I hope we win again!” 

3rd quarter started off with Hart having the ball, but it didn’t last long until Tovar stole the ball and made a three-pointer. The quarter brought many fouls made by the Longhorns, with the Wolverines making most of the free-throws. During the last minutes, the Longhorns tried to dunk on the Wolverines, but the dunk shot missed and the Wolverines fought for the ball back. By the end of third, the score was 54-30.

“I appreciate the hustle everyone gives, either if it’s in practice or during the game We could be up by a lot, and everyone’s still doing their part hustling back and forth,” Tovar said. “We’ve had games where we were put up against bigger schools and we were down 20 or more, and no one believed we could compete with them. But no one gave up. Everyone had heart and pushed to their limits and hustled.”

The last quarter was easily in the Wolverines’ favor, and consisted of executed shots made by the Wolverines.  The 4th quarter ended with a score of 72-44, with the game going to Springlake-Earth. 

“I hope everyone comes with the right mindset whenever we step out onto the court from this point forward. We’re already in that point of the season where it’s a win or go home type of deal,” Tovar said. “I hope we can surprise and shock some people because with this new face to the program, no one believes in us and don’t think much of us. I hope we become a much stronger and better team as the season goes by, and we’re going to take it one game at a time and see what’s in store for us.”