Moo-ving Their Way Through District!

Rosie Hernandez and Annabelle Anchondo

The Lady Wolverines had a great performance on their game Tuesday night against Hart’s Lady Longhorns. Springlake-Earth finished the night strong with an incredible score of 94-28. With another win on the books, the Lady Wolverines are looking forward to keeping the winning streak going in the games yet to come.

“It was a great game for us because we got to work on some different game plans,” senior Halee Toscano said. “It was also good because we won another home game.”

The Lady Wolverines have put hard work in during and after school by having practice to improve.

“They had a great game, and it was really interesting to watch and learn,” spectator Tabitha Sinter said.

By working together and having each other’s backs, the Lady Wolverines were able to win the game. However, they are also focusing on their weaker areas, trying to improve any way that they can.

“I think the team would agree that it was super easy for us, but Hart never gave up when playing against us,” Toscano said. “One thing I would like to see us as a team do is improve on blocking out.”

Each game they have played has taught a lesson that there is more to a game than winning. It’s about making memories with your teammates, and it’s important to know that value.

“I felt it was a boost of confidence for us, especially the fact that we won, got to play the game, and have fun,” junior Sydney Furr said.

Taytum making a score (Dillion Jones Photography)

In the first quarter of the game, Toscano immediately went in for a layup, making the shot and earning the first two points of the game. Junior Taytum Goodman followed with another layup, gaining two Lady Wolverine points and drawing a foul on Hart’s #10. Goodman made only one of her two free-throw shots, with the second going out of bounds. Shortly afterwards, however, Toscano gains possession of the ball and goes in for a layup. In addition to the shot, a foul was called on Hart’s #20, giving Toscano two free-throw shots. Toscano made one. Being Hart’s ball, they attempt to make a pass through sophomore Aryca Ibarra’s legs, but it ends in a turnover for the Lady Longhorns. Junior Emma Samaron is passed the ball and makes two points for the Wolverines. Later, S. Furr goes in to add another two points to the score board before Hart makes a layup and earn themselves two points. Many shots followed for the Lady Wolverines, ending the quarter with 22-4. 

“We did really good and played hard the entire game. There’s always room for improvement, and I think I could’ve done better defensively against the opposing team,” Samaron said. “You always learn something from every game you play, and it prepares me for the next upcoming game.”

To kick of the second quarter, Hart gets the ball and soon after, sophomore Rylie Furr is fouled, giving Hart two free-throw shots. Hart made both, earning two points. However, S. Furr got the ball and added another two points for the Lady Wolverines. After, Hart also scored two points. Samaron drew a foul on Hart, making one point in free-throws. S. Furr rebounded the ball and shot a three. Samaron followed with two more points, drawing a foul in the process. Goodman goes on to score once more. Toscano and Samaron later followed with a combined four points. Seeing an opportunity, Goodman got the ball and made a wide-open layup. Following was another layup made by Goodman. By halftime, the score was 51-11, Lady Wolverines in the lead. 

“I wish I would have taken more shots,” junior Jasmine Garcia said. “We did pretty good compared to the other games, though, and we worked on our plays and lots of other little things.”

Coming back for third quarter, Toscano added back to back two-point shots to the scoreboard. Hart followed, scoring two points. Toscano once more gained possession of the ball and made two points, making the ball Hart’s. As Hart was coming up the court, Goodman knocked the ball out of bounds. After throwing the ball in, Hart tried to go in for a three, but missed. Goodman got the ball and scored two. Shortly after, R. Furr would pass to Goodman, enabling her to get another shot in. Once more, Goodman is passed the ball by Garcia and makes a layup. S. Furr followed with another two points. After drawing a foul against Hart, junior Bella Gonzales makes one point in free-throws. Third quarter ended 73-21. 

“I think they did great as a team. They really worked and had each other’s backs,” manager Jenna Bridges said. “The results at the end of the game shows that their hard work pays off from each practice that they do, which will prepare them for the upcoming game against Lazbuddie.”

Finishing up the last quarter, Garcia came in with two points to start off. Hart followed with two points as well. S. Furr goes in for a shot but misses, and shortly after, a foul is called on SE. Hart is given the free-throws and only made one shot. Garcia rebounds the ball, but R. Furr fouls. Later, S. Furr rebounds the ball and misses the shot. Garcia gets the rebound, passes back to S. Furr, and the shot is made. The Lady Wolverines get the ball once more, and Samaron gains two more points. Goodman followed with three. Being Hart’s ball, R. Furr steals the ball and passes to Goodman who scores. The game ends 94-28 with the Lady Wolverines taking home the win. 

“We could have hit 100, but we didn’t because we are a class act team. We need to catch the ball better and know our role on the team, but we had more rebounds then we usually do,” Taytum Goodman said. “We play Lazbuddie next, and it will be the same deal as Hart. We will deal with them and then jump straight back into playing Kress again.”